Pre-Fight Interviews at Amir Khan- Zab Judah Weigh In.July 22nd.

Exclaimer: Please excuse my amateur interviewing techniques on this video, I’ll continue to improve.

Two Division, Six-Time World champion Zab Judah gives his prediction the day before his WBA-IBF 140 lbs Unification championship bout.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Are you going to win by knockout or decision tomorrow?

ZJ: I don’t know, successful win.

BRB: Thank you very much

Three Division World Champion and current WBC/WBO Bantamweight world champion Nonito Donaire gives his thoughts on the Zab Judah- Amir Khan 140 lbs WBA-IBF unification bout.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Nonito part two, who do you think is going to win tomorrow night Judah or Khan?

ND: You know I think that Zab has worked out a lot, and Zab I’ve seen him work out and he works really hard, and I’ve seen how fast he is, how strong he is.  I think that he can actually do this.  I think that ring generalship, he has it, experience, he has it.  Khan has speed,power, and height.  But I think overall, in terms of power Zab has it and I think he’s going to win the fight tomorrow.

BRB: Do you think he takes it by knockout or decision?

ND: Either way, but I think he’s gonna make it happen for, he’s just really powerful right now, I’ve seen him spar, and I’ve seen him hit.  You know I don’t know how Khan, I’ve never seen him train or anything like that so I can’t say but.  In terms of his power, I think that he has tremendous power you know? And I think that he can make the fight happen and end it with his power.

Three Division World Champion and current WBC/WBO Bantamweight world champion Nonito Donaire gives us information on his future plans in the ring.

Interview Q&A

BRB: Hello Nonito

ND: Hey how you doing?

BRB: What are your future plans for the ring?

ND: You know what, first I think maybe an October fight will see.  I mean were already negotiating the fights now.  I don’t know who but I know that Top Rank is trying to get something for you know, October.

BRB: Any names in particular?

ND: Anybody, I mean it doesn’t matter I can fight 118, I can fight at 122, if there is no one in the 118 divison.  So, it doesn’t matter to me, a fight is a fight.  I want to fight a World Champion, you know I’m always ready.

BRB: What location? Do you have any idea on what location this next fight would be at?

ND: Were not sure yet, were not sure yet.  I mean theres plans of October or December fight.  So were mapping out a lot of what to do this year.

BRB: Ok, thank you Nonito, good luck.

HBO Announcer and blow-by-blow man, boxing analysts, Jim Lampley gives his insights the day before the Judah-Khan 140 lbs WBA-IBF unification bout.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Who are you picking for tomorow night’s fight?

JL: I pick Amir Khan tomorrow night.

BRB: Why would that be?

JL: His incentives are greater and, I think that distinctly the difference in the fight will be hand speed.  Zab Judah has never been in a fight with anyone whom he considered to have faster hands than his own.  In fact his hands were faster than Mayweather’s in the first two or three rounds.  But Amir Khan I believe at this moment has the fastest hands in boxing at 140 pounds and I believe that going to provide a certain culture shock for Judah, and I think that Amir will win a unanimous decision.

BRB: Thank you, just one more question, would what Judah have to do to win by any chance?  How could you envision him taking a victory?

JL: To shock Zab early, and catch Zab with a

BRB: Or catch Kahn?

JL: Excuse me, if he were to shock Amir early, and catch Amir with a power punch.  That dent Amir’s confidence in his chin, and causes him to fight less assertively and less agressively.  Then Zab I think would have the opportunity I think to win the fight.  But he’s gonna have to catch something, catch something big with Amir early to change the psychology of the fight.

HBO Announcer and boxing analysts Max Kellerman gives his insights the day before the Judah-Khan 140 lbs WBA-IBF unification bout.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Hi Max, who do you pick tomorrow night?

MK: I can’t make a prediction, I’m working the fight.

BRB: Could you tell what Judah would have to do to defeat Khan and vice-versa?

MK: Zab would have to fight a very disciplined fight, and fight a very calm and disciplined fight.  Listen to Pernell Whitaker in the corner stay low, move side-to-side.

BRB: Be Pernell Whitaker?

MK: Well be Pernell with power, you know, and catch khan with something hard in between one of Khan combinations.  And Amir Khan has the advantage of height, maybe in handspeed, in reach, obviously in youth.  He’s been with his trainer a long time, and Zab has now been working with Pernell for a short time.  So Khan is correctly viewed as the favorite, he should win, but Zab is correctly viewed as a live underdog.

Winky Wright and I

Following our interview

Interview Q&A

BRB: Hello Winky, will you ever be returning to the ring?

WW: Yeah I am definitely looking to return to the ring and have some fun.

BRB: When you do return, at which weight class would you like to return?

WW: I would like to first return to 160 lbs, then eventually 154.

BRB: If you were successful in your return to the Junior Middleweight division, would you be interested in the Champion Sergio Martinez?

WW: I think Martinez is definitely the baddest cat out there at 154, I’m trying to return to my prime and then maybe we could do it.

BRB: What are your thoughts on tomorrow nights Amir Khan-Zab Judah 140 lbs unification bout, who do you pick to win?

WW: I’m going with judah, It’s a tough fight.  A lot of people are torn on it, but Judah is my man and I think he’s going to win.

Manny Pacquiao’s world class Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza  gives us his insights on the upcoming Pacquiao-Marquez III WBO Welterweight championship bout scheduled for November 12th, 2011.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Hi, how has the preparation been going for Marquez-Pacquiao III so far?

AA: Preparation?

BRB: Yeah

AA: The fight is not until November (laughs)

BRB: What do you think you guys will have to do to once again be successful against Juan Manuel?

AA: Same thing we always do just train hard, get focused, stick to the game plan.  Whatever Freddie comes up with and show up.

BRB: Do you expect the fight to be easier or harder than the previous times?

AA: I don’t expect any fight to be easy, it’s a fight you know? Anything can happen.  But you know I always say train hard and the fights easy.  So Manny always trains hard so the fight should be easy.

BRB: Thank you.


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