Zab Judah-Amir Khan Coverage. July 23rd.

Judah-Khan Round-by-Round.


The pre fight pageantry’s obviously identify Amir Khan as the audience’s favorite this evening. Throughout his Ring entrance as well as his introduction, his British countrymen are in an enthusiastic uproar. With chant after chant.On the other side of the spectrum is the 15 year vet, and former Undisputed Welterweight Champion Zab Judah. Whom he himself, gets some good applause from the crowd. After all, he did do battle with some of the best pugilist of his era. However his ovation did not eclipse that of Khan’s.

Pre fight introuductions

Khan and Judah minutes away, getting standing ovations from the crowd.

  • Round 1: The round begins with Khan throwing a left hook, right hand combination that misses.Khan than jabs to the body well, and then scores a good combination.  Judah begins jabbing with his right now, some what ineffectively.While Khan keeps using his longer jab to the body and works it upstairs once.   Khan then tags  Judah with a straight right hand lead. He follows with two jabs and misses with a right, Khan than connects with a flush one-two on Judah,and proceeds to follow it up with a left hook.  Khan than attempts three punches but only a stiff left connects to Judah’s body. The two partake in a clinch and Khan does effective body work.  When the clinch is broken up, Judah begins again by letting his right jab go, however he receives a straight right hand flush from Khan, but manages to unleash a right of hook of his own in response.  After the exchange the two are separated, there seems to have been a clash of heads, but no blood is found on either contestant.When the bout resumes Khan nails Judah with a right hand, however Judah replies with some jabs.The round finishes with Khan missing in combination.        

Round 1 score: Khan 10 Judah 9

Round 1 action.
Judah and Khan begin their prizefight.
  • Round 2:  The two fighters begin with their jabs, an out pouring of cheers rise for the Judah faithful. "Judah, Judah, Judah." Khan attempts and misses with a left hook but connects with a jab. Another left jab to the face of Judah lands once again. Judah responds by jabbing to the body and then works it upstairs.  Khan unleashes a quick flurry and a few glancing blows hit Judah. Following that,an accurate one-two is landed by Khan and he follows up nicely with good combination. Judah responds with a few of his own, The exchange however is easily won by Khan. Following Khan's bright moment, chants of "Khan, Khan, Khan." Breakout throughout the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Khan lands a stiff jab and doubles it to the body.  Zab attempts some jabs, but they aren't connecting. Khan attempts to throw a left hook-right hand combination that slightly misses. Zab continues to work his jab but to no avail thus far.  Khan catches Judah and batters him on the ropes and a clinch ensues.  Once the clinch is broken, Judah feints a left but fails to release the trigger and gets caught with a shot right after his feint fails. The round ends with the two clinching.    
Round 2 score: Khan 10 Judah 9 
  • Round 3:
 The two are in the center of the ring, khan unleashes and lands a stiff jab.  Judah responds with a nice right hook, after which he goes in and out with a straight, flush left hand. Zab then lands a few jabs and misses with a home run left uppercut. Khan then responds  with a good jab,but is unable to land the right hand behind it. Immediately following the missed right hand, Khan shocks Judah with a sweeping, almost right-hook like punch. Judah is stunned into the ropes, instinctively Khan presses his momentary advantage by pounding Judah on the ropes with repeated body shots.    
Round 3 score: Khan 10 Judah 9 
  • Round 4: The round begins with a one two early on by Khan, the two trade jabs to the body. Khan then misses a few shots and a clinch ensues. Once the clinch is broken, Khan slightly misses a right hand, as well as a left-right combination. Zab works his jab to the body and manages to land a few upstairs as well. Khan unleashes a series of very fast left and right hands, and a few land. Judah get stuck by a jab and begins to backpedal, Khan again hits Judah with a jab and follows it up with a straight right lead to the stomach of Judah. The two clinch, and within the clinch Judah does some good body work. Once broken up, the two exchange missed punches.  Zab Judah is beginning to only use his jab and not much else. Khan tries a jab of his own, that misses, but lands a good right hand down the pipe after his missed attempt. Khan than lands a sweeping right hand flush, and in succession with the punch barrages Judah with a stinging flurry of shots against the ropes.  Judah now tries to close the distance a bit, and lands a good jab. In the last ten seconds Judah lands his best punch of the fight thus far: a straight left hand.     
Round 4 Score: Khan 10 Judah 9 
  • Round 5: The round opens with Khan working his jab, and then landing a sweeping right. Zab begins jabbing out of a low crouching position, and lands a few jabs to the body. Khan connects flush with a one-two, and misses a few punches after. Once again a clash of heads comes about, however no points are deducted. Once the action resumes the two clinch, once out of the clinch the two whiff on their jabs. Khan than unleashes a flurry of fast punches, only the straight right connects. Khan then lands a flush right hand followed by a stinging left that sends Judah into the ropes. Once off the ropes Judah is backpedaling, and once in the middle of the ring again Khan dishes out punishment to the Brooklynite. Khan follows up with more good, hard, punches and finally gets a response via a left to the body by Judah. Throughout the round, when the two have been in the middle of the ring, Khan has been dominant. Suddenly, in a clinch, Judah drops to the canvas in a blow unseen to most in the bleachers, however it was indeed a hard right uppercut that landed right on the button of Judah's stomach. Judah is unable to return to his feet to beat the count, and the bout is over with. 
 Khan KO's Judah in the 5th. 
The sight of Judah defeated.

Moments after Judah is unable to beat the count from Khan's lethal body shot.


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