Post Fight Interviews at Amir Khan-Zab Judah. July 23rd.

Former two time, two division World Champion Jorge Linares gives us his post fight insights on Amir Khan’s 5th round Knockout victory over Zab Judah.  As well as his own future plans.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Hello former World Champion, Jorge Linares, what are your future plans for the ring

JL:(Translated to English) It was a great fight, He (Amir Khan) He surprised me and he fought very intelligent. He planned the fight well, He never backed off.  My opinion, my judgment, of this fight, From the 5th round on there could be a knockout for Amir Khan.  He has a lot of speed, it’s uncomfortable and it’s complicated.  I thought the first round was going to be a little complicated for Amir.  However his intelligence surprised me.  I did not think he would knock him (Zab Judah) out so fast.

BRB: Who is his dream fight, who would he love to fight, and get in the ring with?

JL:(Translated to English) Well…….I wanna fight with the giants, like I’ve always said.  Now the one I wish to fight is Brandon Rios, he’s the strongest boxer and he’s the Lightweight Champion, and we think I can get that fight.

Former WBC World Bantamweight champion Wayne Mccullough weighs in with his post fight insights on Amir Khan’s 5th round KO victory over Zab Judah.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Hello Wayne, how did you feel about tonight’s bout?

WM: I thought that Amir Khan was sensational, jumped on Judah from the first bell, and he’s faster than Judah which is unexpected for everybody.  I thought that Judah wanted out of the fight a round before it was stopped.  He was hit with a blow that was pretty on the boarder, but you know you land on the canvas and the referee starts counting you better get to your feet.

BRB: Do you feel it was a shot that was enough to keep Judah down for the count?

WM: He hit a right hand, he hit a right uppercut, he hit it right on the boarder line of the shorts.  But the referee told him at the start of the fight that the shorts are high, so it’s okay to be hit on the boarder line.  So once the referee starts counting you’ve got to get to your feet.

BRB: Well said, where do you think Khan should go from here, and what is his ceiling as a fighter?  Whats his potential should he reach his full capabilities as a boxer?

WM: Well he’s got two belts, you know I think Timothy Bradley would be the next fight, if Bradley takes the fight, have the unification you’d have one champion at Light Welterweight.  Then you’ve got you know Erik Morales, and even Marcos Maidana the rematch.  Or I’d like to see him rematch the guy that beat him Breidis Prescott.

BRB: Thank you.

Exclaimer: I apologize, for the last few seconds of the interview going in disarray.

Five Time, Four division World Champion, Hall of famer, Roberto Duran weighs in on the previously witnessed Zab Judah-Amir Khan 140 lbs WBA-IBF unification bout.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: How did he feel about the fight tonight, did he attend it?

RD: (Translated to English) I thought the fight was going to be a more interesting one, but him (Zab Judah).  Was a little disappointing to me in the way he lost.


Five Division, Six-Time World Champion Floyd Mayweather’s advisor speaks on Mayweather’s upcoming bout with WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz on their September 17th, 2011 upcoming showdown.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Hello Mr.Ellerbe, what can you tell us about the preparation for the upcoming fight for Ortiz with Floyd?

LE: He’s just working hard, ready to go.

BRB: Does he expect it to be an easy victory? Or  to be one of his toughest fights he’s had so far?

LE: You gotta tune in and see September the 17th to find that out.  If I told you that, then why would you watch it? (laughs)

BRB: Ok, any future plans for after Ortiz? Or you guys are not looking past him?

LE: Not looking past him, tune in September 17th and you’ll see.


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