Interviews at ESPN’s Friday Night Fights.July 29th.

Junior Welterweight contender, Lamont “Havoc” Peterson gives us an interview a little while after his 12th round knockout victory in the main event on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights against Victor Cayo.


Exclaimer: In one of the questions asked by BRB, I mistaken Lamont for his brother Anthony, please excuse my error. Thank you.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Were here with Light Welterweight contender, fresh off his victory on Friday Night Fights. Lamont Peterson, how do you feel about the fight? How do you feel it went?

LP: It was a good fight, I needed to do some round I’ve been off for awhile. You know I just wanted to stick to the game plan and break him down, and thats what happened.

BRB: What are your future plans in the ring? How would you like to pursue your career?

LP: Well, that was the IBF eliminator. Khan has the belt, I would love the fight with Khan. But if not you know, I’ll fight anybody for the IBF title.

BRB: Do you think you could defeat Amir Khan if you guys meet for the IBF title?

LP: Oh yeah, I think my style matches up well against his, and overall I just think I’m a better fighter.

BRB: Ok, thank you.

The former Light Heavyweight Champion of the world gives us his thoughts on his previous title fight with ring legend Bernard Hopkins.  As well as his future plans for what he would like to pursue in the ring.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Were here with former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World Jean,

JP: J.P’s in the building with B.J. Flores in the building, na mean?  Canadas in the house.

BRB: Jean, what were your thoughts on your past bout with Bernard Hopkins, and how it went?

JP: Honestly man that was a close fight, Bernard is a old fox.  He knows all the tricks in the game, and he knows all the dirty tricks in the game, so you know.

BRB: We all see it as 1 to 1 or rather, one fight was a draw and another was a loss.  There could always potentially be a third fight, would you want a third fight with Bernard Hopkins?

JP: If the fans want a third fight, I’m all in.  I’m all in, if Bernard wants a third fight and the fans want a third fight.  Me, I don’t duck nobody, I want to fight the best.  Anytime, anywhere, anyone, If I need to go on Mars, to fight the martians (throws punches at the camera) I”m ready man, I’m ready to fight the martians bro.

BRB: So the fans should just assume that your dream fight is just always the best?

JP: Exactly man, Jean Pascal don’t duck nobody man, ok?

BRB: Ok, thank you

JP: Hey, listen! I will be back on top, just watch.

Former two time, two division World Champion, as well as being the pound for pound elite fighter Floyd Mayweather’s Uncle and trainer gives his thoughts on his nephew’s upcoming WBC Welterweight championship fight with Victor Ortiz.  As well as a few other topics.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Were here with former World Champion and world  Class trainer Roger Mayweather.  Roger one question I have for you is how would you compare Victor Ortiz to Manny Pacquiao?  There both southpaws, there both fast, and there both strong.

RM: I don’t know fast he is, I don’t know how fast he is.  But Victor Ortiz is a bigger fighter than him (Manny Pacquiao).  That don’t mean a thing, De La Hoya was bigger than my nephew too what did that mean?  Boxing ain’t about how big you is, Boxing is about how much skill you got.  Thats what really wins fight, skills is what pays the bills.  It ain’t got nothing to do with anything else.

BRB: Does Victor Ortiz impress you?  Do you find him as a good opponent?  Or just the perfect tune up for another fight down the road?

RM:  I think that he is a good fighter, can’t say he isn’t a good fighter.  But is he, is he…………well we got to see what he brings to the table September 17th.

BRB: Could you let me in at all on the gameplan? The preparation for Victor Ortiz or will it just be adaptability?

RM: It ain’t gone be a game plan.  When you can do it all there ain’t no gameplans.  Boxing is about skill, so when you can do it all you don’t need to make a game plan to win a fight.  Because the punk will out his self, the will play out, and you’ll see what happens.

BRB: Does the WBC belt hold any significance to Floyd?  Does he care about winning these championships, or not really?

RM: I don’t think uh, I think the Championship means something to Floyd, but at the same time Floyd is a uh, wether he has a belt, or wether he is fighting for a belt the winning part is the same thing one way or the other.

BRB: If you had to predict how the fight is going to go down, Would you say Floyd is going to win a decision, or he could stop Ortiz in the twelve rounds?

RM: Floyd’s been off, I mean I don’t know,Floyd has been off.  One thing I believe is that Floyd could probably stop Victor Ortiz.  But If I had to look at it and see how long Floyd’s been laid off.  I can see Floyd beating him in a unanimous decision but, I could see him (Mayweather) getting a unanimous decision easily.

BRB: With Floyd now turning 34 and as he continues to age, who are some fighters you look at and you say “Oh he could take over the throne once my nephews gone.”? Maybe Amir Khan or the up and coming Saul Alvarez?

After this question Roger unfortunately had somewhere to go, thus the interview was over.

Former six time, two division World Champion Zab Judah gives us his thoughts and feelings on his previous WBA-IBF Jr. Welterweight Unification bout with Amir Khan.  As well as his future plans for the ring.

Interview Q&A:

BRB:  Were here with former Undisputed Welterweight Champion Zab Judah.  Zab we just have a few questions for you, how would you compare Amir Khan with some of the other great fighters you fought like Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, and Kosta Tszyu?

ZJ: Well I don’t know, I mean, the fight never really started so we never had a, a real fight so I can’t determine that.

BRB: Would you say the fight happened the way it did more because of you getting older in age or being in the ring long?  Or because Amir is very good?

ZJ: No, No, I think it had nothing to do with either.  I think that you know what I’m saying I started kind of late.  In the 4th and the 5th round I was started to come on, God knows what would have happened if that fight would have continued.

BRB: So you do not consider Amir Khan to be on the level of a Mayweather or a Cotto?  Or do you think he will?

ZJ: I mean, I went twelve rounds with Miguel Cotto and Mayweather.  So you know, I had a good fight in both fights.  Amir Khan I went five rounds with so you know, he’s a good young fighter.  You know he’s fast, he has the good speed, he seems to be pretty okay.

BRB: How about yourself Zab do you plan on continuing to fight?

ZJ: Oh yes, I’m not going anywhere, I feel great, I’ll be back soon.

Former Three Division World Champion, and current IBA Heavyweight champion, James “Lights out” Toney gives us his thoughts on the previous Klitschko-Haye Heavyweight championship fight.  How he would fare against each of them, as well as his thoughts on the upcoming Marquez-III, Mayweather-Ortiz championship bouts.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Were here with former multiple division World Champion and current IBA Heavyweight champion, James “Lights out” Toney, James we just a few questions for you.  What were your thoughts on the previous Klitschko-Haye bout?

JT: It was a Bitch-ko, Gaye fight.  They both fight like they…..they…..they….(sigh).  It wasn’t even a fight.  I feel asleep after four rounds, and both of them grabbing and hugging.  Everytime Haye got close, he got touched….he fell down you know?  He act like he was hurt, so is what it is.  He’s a clown.

BRB: How do you feel if they both fought to their full capabilities, gave it their all in the ring who would have won?

JT: They did, they did, what you saw is what you got.  There very talentless people, but there put there by….HBO and the British people.  On they level scale, from ten to one, one being the worst, they are probably a two.  But if you look at my skill, can’t nobody Fuck with my skill, all 100 percent now.  The skill level, can’t nobody touch me, nobody, no one.

BRB: So you definitely feel,

JT: I’m the only Heavyweight Champion, period.

BRB: So you definitely feel that against each one of them, you’d fare just fine against them and defeat them?

JT: Man I will knock one of them…I”ll knock both of them out probably.  I’m the only who can beat them, and they know that, and everybody keeps on ducking me.

BRB: How do you feel about the upcoming Mayweather-Ortiz fight, who do you pick to win?

JT: It’s a mis match,

BRB: You find it to be a mis match?

JT: It’s a mis match, everyone know Floyd gonna whoop the shit outta this boy (I believe thats what he said).  Which he should, you know it’s a good fight for Floyd, he been gone for a while, he needs a tune up before he gets in there and takes care of business.

BRB: How do you feel about Pacquiao-Marquez III, do you feel it will be as good as the first two were?

JT: Like I said, another mis match, waste of time.

BRB: For who? Pacquiao or Marquez?

JT: Waste of time, Waste of time, I gotta go pimp.

BRB: Ok, thank you.

Former two division, two time World Champion and world class trainer John David Jackson weighs in on various topics for us.  Including The upcoming Mayweather-Ortiz bout, Pacquiao-Marquez III bout, and various other topics on the sport.

Interview Q&A:

BRB: Were here with Mr.Jackson, Jackson we would like to know how do you feel about the upcoming Mayweather-Ortiz fight?  How do you honestly feel thats going to unfold?

JDJ: Thats a, believe it or not, thats a difficult fight for Floyd.  A lot of people they underestimate Ortiz’s ability, he can fight.  In the past you know, he’s been labeled a scary fighter for the comments he made for when he lost to..Maidana was it?

BRB: Yes

JDJ: But, I know the kid can fight, I’ve watched him, when my guy Nate Campbell fought him.  Even though Nate was going through problems, but we can’t use that exscuse, he lost the fight.  This kid can box, he’s not just a puncher he can box.  And boxers give other boxers problems.  So if he pulls Floyd out of that shell, and makes floyd come out and fight him, and be aggressive it can cause problems.  He’s bigger than Floyd, he’s strong.  Not saying Floyds not gonna win the fight, it’s a very tough fight I think people are giving Floyd to much of an edge.  It’s a tough fight and hopefully Ortiz proves me right, it’s a very different fight for Floyd.  If he comes that night to fight, and pull Floyd out of that shell, it can be a difficult fight for Floyd.  But if he chases Floyd and lets Floyd do what Floyd does best, Floyd’s gonna pick him apart.  It’s an interesting fight for the fight fans.

BRB:  Can we get an official prediction from you? Or no?

JDJ: You know what, give me a little more time I’ll be here for the fights, and let me study both guys.

BRB: Dissect it a bit more?

JDJ: And I’ll let you know for sure.

BRB: comparatively between Pacquiao and Ortiz, do you think if those two were to fight could Ortiz defeat Pacquiao?  What I’m tring to ask is, is Ortiz just as good as Pacquiao?  Or maybe better, or not as good, what are your thoughts on that?

JDJ: let me say this, and it’s not that I don’t like Pacquiao, right now he’s number one because he beaten everyone they put in front of him.  He hasn’t asked who to fight, whoever they make the fight for, he fights.  So I give him credit where credit is due.  Having said that, he’s not the best pound-for-pound fighter today.  You know he has a lot of flaws in his game, Offensively he’s a very dangerous guy you got to give him credit.  Defensively, no, if Ortiz gets past Floyd he can very conceivably beat this kid Pacquiao.  Listen, he’s bigger, he’s a lot bigger, he’s just as quick.  He has everything in his advantage in youth, because of strength he’s gonna blow up on the fight.  He’s gonna be bigger than Pacquiao is going to be.  It’s a very dangerous fight for Pacquiao to fight someone like Ortiz.

BRB: Particularly because we know he likes to get into fights, and so styles make fights as they say.

JDJ: He gets hit a couple of times, he’s a very offensive minded type of fighter.  He’s gonna gamble, he’s gonna fight, thats his nature, he’s a warrior.  You gotta give him credit for that, but it could be his downfall with a kid like Ortiz.

BRB: In a potential match up with Mayweather and Pacquiao, the fight the world wants to see.  Do you think that Mayweather’s style effectively uses Pacquiao’s aggression against him?

JDJ: Anyone that Floyd fights, if their the agressor it plays right into Floyd’s hands.  Thats what Floyd wants, he feeds off that.  he’s very seasoned, a very intelligent, smart fighter, and you have to give him credit for that.  Thats why I say Ortiz has to get him out of that shell, and make him fight a totally different fight.  Make Floyd come out of that shell, you have to throw him out, if you don’t Floyd is going to dissect him all night long.  So I think Ortiz hold his own fate, he has to be the one that makes Floyd come out.  Don’t think your gonna knock Floyd down or out, Floyd is way too great a fighter for that and too intelligent to be hit by anything you throw at him.  But I think he has a great chance of beating Floyd and a great shot at beating Pacquiao.

BRB: Do you expect Pacquiao-Marquez III to be as good, as competitive as the first two, or no because Marquez is climbing in weight similar to when he did against Mayweather?

JDJ: Thats a good point that you brought up, He may be a little shop worn now as compared to the first two fights.  It depends, you wanna see a good fight, but will it be as good as the first two? I’m not sure, because Marquez has not fought to that level recently.

BRB: How do you feel about Amir Khan everyone seems very happy over his capabilities after his previous knockout victory over Zab Judah, and he’s been climbing the ranks.  Do you find him to be a true pound for pound potential fighter? Or just a world champion

JDJ: Well time well tell if he’s one of the best pound-for-pound today.  A lot of times, the boxing writers like to rush, and give these fighters this title of how good they are when they’re not.  He’s a good fighter, he’s getting better.  I see a few flaws in his game, but no one has been able to expose that.  Right now, he’s one of the top two or three guys at 140.  I can’t really put him ahead of Bradley yet, even though Bradley turned the fight down.  But Bradley is the king at 140, he’s the best fighter there.

BRB: He has The Ring Championship (Actually an error on my part, I believed following Bradley’s bout against Devon Alexander in their WBC-WBO Unification bout, that Bradley had indeed secured The Ring championship, however that title remains vacant.)

JDJ: There one and two, right now there one and two.  But until he (Khan) beats Bradley I can’t call him number one.  But can he become a superstar?   Well He probably could, but I think you know once he fights someone that has a punch.  That knows how to effectively get inside that jab, he (Khan) has a great jab, a great jab.  But he fights a fighter that can get inside that jab and break him down, he might not be as good as a lot of people think he is.

BRB: Okay, last question for you, thank you so much.  Straight who do you pick between Amir and Bradley should they meet for a unification at 140 lbs to take it all?

JDJ: You know believe it or not, I give Bradley the edge.  He’s a helluva fighter, but listen, the one thing about Amir is that jab you gotta get past that jab of his.  It’s a nice, well educated jab, so overall boxing skills…Bradley.  He’s a way better boxer, more crafty.  But Amir has a good jab and he’s not a bad guy, he’s not a bad fighter, I give him credit.  I give the edge to Bradley,if they ever fought but I maybe wrong, but I give the edge to Bradley.

BRB: Ok, thank you very much for your time.


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