ESPN’s Friday Night Fights Coverage. July 29th.

ESPN Friday Night Fights coverage:

Bleachereportboxing's ringside view.

Bleachereportboxing's ringside view of the action throughout ESPN's Friday Night Fights.

Preliminary bouts summaries and round by round.

Sergey Kovalev 15-0 (13 KO’s) Versus Douglas Otieno 23-6 (12 KO’s) Light Heavyweights.

In an incredibly grueling bout for as long as it lasted.  With both combatants tasting some serious leather, Kovalev was able to be successful in capturing a victory.  As Otieno now 23-7 (12 KO’s) was unable to beat the referee’s count to ten at two minutes and thirty-nine seconds in round number two.  Kovalev showed promise, pleased the crowd, and remains undefeated.  Elevating his record now to 16-0 (14 KO’s) and retaining his USBA Light Heavyweight title.

Edison Miranda 34-5 (29 KO’s) Versus Yordanis Despaigne 8-1 (4 KO’s) Light Heavyweights.

The hard hitting Miranda, who previously fought former Middleweight Champion, Kelly Pavlik.  As well as current IBF Super Middleweight Champion, Lucian Bute.  Was looking to go onward against his comparatively inexperienced foe, Yordanis Despaigne.

Miranda-Despaigne Round-by-Round:

  • Round 1:  The two begin exchanging jabs, Despaigne lands a good left to the body and catches Miranda with a glancing blow upstairs, and follows it up with a jab.  Despaigne manages to land another jab, and then the two exchange misses with each others jabs.  Miranda effectively slips one of Despaigne’s one-twos, but then is nailed by a right hand, followed up with a jab.  Miranda attempts a few jabs and then slips a left hook, however Miranda gets tagged by a jab that is followed up with some decent shots by Despaigne.  On the inside Despaigne gets away with a low blow during an exchange.  Miranda applies pressure and lands a good left hand shot to the body and follows it up with a jab to the head.  Despaigne responds by doubling up his own jab, and then doubles it up once more.  In the final ten seconds of the round Despaigne staggers Miranda with a combination.

Round 1 score: Despaigne 10 Miranda 9

  • Round 2:  The round opens up with Despaigne landing a good, stiff jab, Miranda pumps out a few jabs of his own.  With the two in the center of the ring, Miranda throws a jab and the two clinch.  Once separated, Despaigne misses on a right hand, but lands flush with a left hook.  On the inside now, Miranda is throwing uppercuts to the head while Despaigne digs into Miranda’s body.  The exchange is even, moments after however, a terrific body combination followed by a left hook stuns Miranda.  Miranda is forced to clinch momentarily, he then lands his own right hand and then an uppercut as well.  The two are fighting at a tremendous pace this round.  Miranda attempts but misses a left hook, right hand combination.  Both fighters then exchange on even terms, Despaigne then lands a good right hand atop Miranda’s head.  The referee issues a warning to Miranda about low punches, once the action returns Despaigne hits Miranda with a clubbing shot, the two clinch on the ropes.  In the final ten seconds of the round Despaigne again clubs Miranda with a right.

Round 2 score: Despaigne 10 Miranda 9

  • Round 3:  Round three opens up with each fighter exchanging blows, Miranda digs to the body well.  Despaigne responds with a clean one-two, following that the referee separates the two, warning Miranda for hitting low.  The referee Vic Drakulich,then deducts a point from Miranda, much to the disagreement of the crowd and Miranda himself.  With the bout now resuming, the two men exchange jabs, and a good left uppercut followed by a right hand is landed by Despaigne.  Miranda is glanced by a right hand again, but manages to avoid Despaigne’s combinations with the exception of a body punch on his way of getting out of distance.  Miranda now is becoming very aggressive, moving forward, he smashed Despaigne with a right hand and goes to the body with some left hands.  Despaigne now replies with a four punch combination that partially lands.  Miranda continues to hunt his adversary down and gives him good work to the stomach.  Both exchange well and get their licks in, Despaigne gets in a clean left hook after the exchange.  Miranda gets Despaigne onto the ropes and batters him with a good uppercut and follows it up with combination punching to the head and body.  Despaigne backs into the ropes, ducking and slipping Miranda’s attempts, and closes the round with a straight right hand, left uppercut combination.

Round 3 score: Despaigne 9 Miranda 9 (due to point deduction)

  • Round 4:  The round begins with Despaigne sticking his jab to Miranda’s grill as Miranda swings and misses a one-two.  Despaigne is showing good defensive skills, and then clubs miranda with a right hand while Miranda is against the ropes.  Despaigne lands a straight right hand, this time to the body as Miranda is coming forward, missing his jab.  The two  engage in close quarters and Miranda bruises Despaigne to the body, he then gets Despaigne on the ropes and continues his body attack.  Despaigne fights his way off the ropes as the two evenly exchange, Miranda’s momentum seems to be picking up as he fires numerous uppercuts and crunching lefts to the body that are near the boarderline of Despaigne’s trunks.  Again on the inside Miranda mixes in some body shots nicely.  Despaigne responds with a thudding right hand that lands flush and raises the crowd to their feet, Miranda drops his hands ala Ricardo Mayorga-Tito Trinidad style and takes some serious punishment in combination punching by Despaigne.  Somehow Miranda absorbs the punishment and respond with some very good punches of his own in the final ten seconds.  One helluva round, and a close one at that.

Round 4 score: Despaigne 10 Miranda 9

  • Round 5:  The fifth stanza begins with Miranda trying to establish his jab, the range between the two closes and they exchange punches evenly.  Miranda continues to march forward, and suddenly, to the shock and dismay of the crowd, the fight is brought to a halt by referee Vic Drakulich.  Everyone in attendance boos the decision, even Despaigne disagrees, his body language almost states “Hey ref, forget the low blows.  I wanted to prove I could take this guy out with my fists.”  Miranda of course, himself, is disgusted with the result as well.  The time of the disqualification was at forty five seconds of round number five, due to repeated low blows.

Despaigne defeats Miranda via 5th round Disqualification.

Miranda-Despaigne bout summary:

Yordanis Despaigne pulls off an upset in defeating the more experienced, well known Miranda via DQ.  He now improves to 9-1 (4 KO’s) as Miranda’s record drops to 34-6 (29 KOs).  Despaigne showed himself a more than worthy adversary for the more notarized Miranda, as I had him ahead on my scorecard in a very crowd pleasing scrap.

Badou Jack 6-0 (5 KOs) Versus Timothy Hall Jr. 6-11 (4 KOs) Super Middleweights.

Jack-Hall Jr Round-by-Round.

  • Round 1:  As the first stanza opens, Hall begins in a defensive stance.  The two engage in battle on the inside, and Hall does some decent body work, but misses with his attempts to the head.  Jack responds with some good body work of his own, the two move there way into the center of the ring.  Hall tags Jack with a right hand over Jack’s shoulder, the right hand is followed up with another well landed straight right hand.  In an exchange Jack gets nailed by a clean left hook, it awakens Jack as he responds with a good one-two and left hook to the body.  He continues by jabbing Hall into the ropes, now on the inside, Jack is landing some hurting shots.  He continues his work with body punches and uppercuts upstairs, Hall backs away but is tagged by a few of Jack’s left jabs.  Once again on the inside Jack lands an uppercut, followed by a right hand that sends Hall into the ropes.  The two remain infighting, and it’s all Jack as he finishes the round very strong with left hooks to the body and head.

Round 1 score: Jack 10 Hall 9

  • Round 2:  Round two begins with jack working his jab, and missing a few punches.  Suddenly Jack pounds Hall with a loud, thudding right hand shot and a clinch ensues. Hall is now staggering about the ring similar to a drunken man, his back now is on the ropes and he is receiving punishment.  He returns a blow of his own, but the beating is still being given out by Jack as the referee, Kenny Bayless, looks on.  After some more punishment is dished out by Jack to Hall on the ropes, Hall finally drops to the canvas.  A dreary Hall beats the count, and the fight resumes.  Immediately Jack pounces on his weakened foe, sending Hall once more into the ropes and pounds him with hard, repeated blows to the head and body of Hall.  Referee Kenny Bayless steps in and waves off the bout.  The crowd roars in Jack’s approval, seemingly impressed by his promise and performance.

Jack wins by TKO in the second round.

Jack-Hall Jr bout summary:

Badou Jack retains his unblemished professional record via second round TKO to improve to 7-0 (6 KOs) in impressive fashion.  While the unsuccessful Timothy Hall Jr.’s record drops to 6-12 (4 KOs).

Friday Night Fights Main Event:

Lamont Peterson 28-1-1 (14 KOs) Versus Victor Manuel Cayo 26-1 (18 KOs) Light Welterweights, IBF Light Welterweight title eliminator.


Lamont Peterson seems to enjoy a bit of affection, from a crowd that is for the most part very neutral.  Each man only has one have defeat on each of their dossiers, however with this being an IBF Jr. Welterweight title eliminator.  The fight holds quite a bit of significance for each Combatant, as a victory from either can possibly secure a title shot.  The two are essentially even in professional experience.

Peterson-Cayo Round By Round:

  • Round 1:  The two pugilist begin in the center of the ring, Cayo begins in a stance with his hands held low.  Cayo tags Peterson with a quick left hook that staggers Peterson momentarily, as Peterson then covers up he gets hit with a quick combination by Cayo.  Cayo begins working his jab well,and sticks his chin out at Peterson, Cayo follows up by hooking off the jab successfully.  Peterson now responds with a good left hook digging to the body, and then gets in some good work with Cayo on the ropes.  The two are now in the center of the ring, and Cayo lands a quick left, throughout the round Cayo has been switching his stance from orthodox to southpaw and vice versa.  He continues to stick his chin out at Peterson, and lands clean with a jab.  Peterson now responds with doubling his jab to Cayo’s chest, and follows through with a left hook upstairs, and Cayo is dropped to the canvas.  Many in the audience believe it was a knockdown but referee Kenny Bayless rules it a slip.  In the final ten seconds Peterson closes the round by nailing Cayo with a flush right hand that probably wins him the round.

Round 1 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 2:  The second round begins with each man exchanging their jabs, Cayo unleashes punches that hit Peterson’s shoulders.  Each man is unable to connect with their jabs, Cayo is using a lot of upper body movement, and lands a good right hand.  Cayo stays right in range of peterson with his hands at his waist, and chin sticking out and manages to land a good left to the body.  Peterson responds with a stiff body punch of his own, however Cayo counters with an effective jab upstairs.  Cayo follows up his momentum with a very good left hook, and then misses his attempted combinations on the inside, while Peterson manages to land a good left to the body.  Cayo immediately responds with a left of his own to the face of Peterson, who retaliates with two good body shots.  In Cayo’s response he goes upstairs twice with right hands landing well, Peterson goes into a defensive shell and Cayo takes advantage with combination punching partially splitting Peterson’s guard.  Peterson responds backing Cayo into the ropes, and lands some good leather.  The two engage in a clinch, and once broken apart, Cayo works his jab and tags Peterson with a right hand over Peterson’s jab.  A close round to be scored, the final ten seconds end with the two fighters posturing at one another.

Round 2 score: Peterson 9 Cayo 10

  • Round 3:  The third round in this so far closely contested affair opens up with Peterson landing a good left hook, followed by a jab.  Moments afterwards Peterson catches Cayo with a glancing right hand and the two tie up.  Moments after the clinch, Cayo lands a flurry of clubbing right hand shots, replied to by Peterson with a good right hand body punch.  The two again clinch, On the infighting Cayo lands decently, however Peterson lands more effective body punches in the exchange.  Peterson covers up with gloves held high as Cayo scores with some clubbing right and left hands.  Cayo continues to switch stances throughout the bout.  On an inside exchange, neither man gets an edge, both do good work.  With Cayo now on the ropes, Peterson digs in with some very clean body work.  Cayo tries to reply with a missed uppercut, but gets nailed to the gut by another stiff Peterson jab.  Peterson at this point is applying a lot of pressure, and moves Cayo into the corner and punishes his foe in the final ten seconds of the round.  Landing bone crunching body punches and finishing upstairs with an uppercut.

Round 3 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 4:  Round four begins similar to the last moments of round three.  Peterson is stalking Cayo, and showing good defensive prowess as well.  Peterson opens up with a good left hook to the body, as Cayo’s upper body movement is beginning to decrease.  Again a cleanly landed left hook to the body is landed by Peterson, followed by a clubbing right hand.  With Cayo’s back now to the ropes, he receives more punishment to his stomach, and gets nailed with a left hook upstairs.  Cayo summons up a response but is ineffective.  On the inside once more, in the center of the ring, Peterson wins in an exchange between the two.  Cayo returns fire with a good hard left of his own, followed by a two piece.  On the inside, both fighters exchange hard punches, Cayo follows up with an outburst of a combination, landing clean blows on Peterson.  The referee  Kenny Bayless warns Peterson of his punches being low, with the action returning, Peterson closes strong in the final ten seconds.  Landing bruising body blows and capped off with a clean left hook to the head of Cayo.

Round 4 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 5:  As round five begins, Cayo appears to have regained some energy, moving swiftly on his toes.  Cayo tags Peterson nicely with a one-two combination, Cayo is now the man moving forward.  A good left is landed by Cayo over Peterson’s jab, however Cayo himself gets tagged by a clean one-two from Peterson who himself has begun moving on his toes.  While remaining on his toes, Peterson swoops in with a good left hook to the body of Cayo.  The two have a sloppy exchange, with neither man landing significantly on the inside.  Still on the inside, Cayo manages to land some good uppercuts upstairs while Peterson’s back is to the ropes.  Peterson replies off the ropes with a cleanly landed left hook, and follows it up with an array of shots landing flush on Cayo.  Peterson closes the final ten seconds of the round by catching Cayo clean with a right hand.

Round 5 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 6:  The sixth stanza of the scheduled twelve round bout begins with both fighters bouncing on their toes, in the center of the ring.  Cayo offers Peterson his chin, sticking it out.  Peterson misses on a few jabs, but manages to block Cayo’s attempted clubbing left hand.  The two are tied up in a clinch, once broken up, Cayo remains in front of Peterson with his hands at his waist.  Cayo misses on a right hand attempt, as Peterson sticks Cayo with a few jabs.  Peterson now has his back to a corner in the ring, and receives some hard blows from Cayo.  Peterson escapes the corner but is tagged once more before he flees, on the ropes now, both exchange with Cayo throwing and landing more punches.  Now on the inside, Cayo opens up nicely with some hard, landed shots to close the round.  He dictated the pace of this round well.

Round 6 score: Peterson 9 Cayo 10

  • Round 7:  Round seven opens up, and immediately Peterson lands a flush right hand.  Chants of “Victor, Victor, Victor” breakout throughout the Chelsea Ballroom.  An even exchange on the inside ensues, Peterson lands some thudding shots and Cayo responds right away with his own.  Now on the inside, Peterson digs into the gut of Cayo repeatedly, with left and right hooks abound to the stomach of Cayo.  Cayo tries to play the same game, throwing his own body punches, but his lack the force of his adversary.  Still remaining on the inside, both men throw dozens of shots at one another and Peterson is slightly getting the better of the exchange, digging into the gut of Cayo very well.  Cayo opens up and catches Peterson with a clean right hand, only to be licked by a right hand by Peterson.  It is Peterson now, who is closing the distance and forces Cayo to the ropes and goes to work to the body.  Referee Kenny Bayless warns Peterson of his borderline blows, after the warning, Peterson nails Cayo with a sharp right hand to the chin that gets the crowds attention.  Cayo battles back and replies with good combination punches landing on Peterson.  In the final ten seconds of the stanza Cayo outworks Peterson.  A close round to score.

Round 7 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 8:  Round number eight begins with Cayo effectively using his jab.  Peterson attempts to close the distance, but get nailed by a combination of punches from Cayo as Peterson’s guard is held high.  Peterson now responds by digging to the body, and digging to the body once more very effectively.  Peterson goes to the head of Cayo and lands a clean left hook, after which the two tie up.  Cayo now begins to up his work rate, tripling up his jab, his back is now to the ropes.  While on the ropes Cayo suffers another body attack from Peterson, some on the borderline of Cayo’s trunks.  Cayo begins to march forward but is nailed coming in by a sharp right hand, once he gets Peterson on the inside he suffers another onslaught of body punches as well as uppercuts to the head.  Cayo backs off and triples up his jab, his back though, is once again against the ropes and Peterson takes advantage by nailing him with some hard combination punching.  Peterson than swings and misses a wild right hand, and falls into a clinch.  Once broken apart, Cayo lands a right with not much steam on it and misses his other punches.  The final ten seconds close with Peterson doing some good work.

Round 8 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 9:  In the ninth round now, Peterson begins standing his ground, seeming to want Cayo to come in so he can catch him with some hard counterpunching.  Both men double up on hard jabs that connect to each others jaws.  In the center of the ring, Cayo swings and misses several punches.  While Peterson has his guard up, and hands held high to protect his face, Cayo unleashes a good combination, some of the punches break through the guard.  When there is distance between the two fighters, Peterson seems to want to counterpunch,however he gets nailed with a straight left to the gut from Cayo.  As Peterson now slides against the ropes he dodges a wild right hand by Cayo, and then covers up his face with his guard once again held high.  While covering up, Peterson gets hit with three left hooks in a row by Cayo, after which he closes the distance and receives a left hook to the body by Peterson.  The two remain in close quarters, Cayo lets his hands go in combination and is successful, he continues to outwork Peterson.  The round closes with Peterson digging into the rib cage of Cayo with a sharp left hook, Cayo backpedals and triples up his jab to finish the stanza.

Round 9 score: Peterson 9 Cayo 10

  • Round 10:  The tenth round begins with Cayo fighting off his back foot, backpedaling, Peterson closes the distance and lets his hands go in combination and caps it off by a flush left hook to the body of Cayo.  Cayo attempts a response, but is caught with a flush right hand counterpunch for his efforts.  Peterson continues his incredibly effective bodywork, digging some hard blows to the gut of Cayo, and sums up his combination with a flush left hook to the chin of Cayo.  Cayo responds with a flurry of punches, but few of them even manage to glance Peterson.  Cayo does some decent work with his combinations, but the punches don’t have the same steam on them as compared to Peterson’s.  Cayo continues to pick up his own pace by tripling up his jab and outworking Peterson in exchanges.  On the inside now, Peterson sends three crunching left hook body blows to Cayo’s gut that can be heard throughout the arena.  Cayo lands a right hand, afterwards the distance closes and Cayo manages to outwork Peterson on the inside exchanges, busting him a with few good head shots.  The two now do battle on the ropes, in close quarters, Peterson unleashes a very effective slew of body punches on Cayo.  The bell sounds for the final ten seconds, Peterson ends the round by landing some clean punches upstairs, as well as to the body.  A very well contested round.

Round 10 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 11:  Round eleven begins with Cayo pumping his jab away at Peterson, however he gets caught flush with a good punch by Peterson.  Peterson begins his body attack again, but is warned by the referee for his borderline body blows.  After the warning is issued, Cayo follows up with a good assault and begins to dictate the distance between the two.  Despite controlling the range he gets caught flush to chin from a left hook delivered by Peterson, Cayo gives a reply but misses his blow.  Cayo now boxes with his guard held high, and on the inside receives some thundering shots through his guard by Peterson.  In the center of the ring now, Cayo tries to double up his jabs, and then his hooks, but he isn’t connecting.  Peterson connects with some hurting punches on the inside, as well as a good left hook upstairs.  The final ten seconds close with Peterson shoe-shining to the body well.

Round 11 score: Peterson 10 Cayo 9

  • Round 12:  As the ring announcer pronounces that is indeed the “Twelfth and final round.”  The crowd gives it’s sincere approval of the good scrap put on by Cayo and Peterson thus far.  Peterson begins on the attack, stalking Cayo.  However Cayo remains planted, right in front of Peterson with his hands low at his waist.  The two get into an exchange of power shots, but a good, quick punch is landed by Peterson that badly stuns Cayo.  Cayo now stumbling about, careens into the ropes and begins to take some serious punishment as the entire crowd on hand rises to their feet.  Peterson indeed rocked Cayo, who bravely responds well and appears to have recovered just a bit.  With his wits about him returning, Cayo nails Peterson as Peterson marches forward.  Once Peterson is able to close the distance between the two, he lands thundering body blows to Cayo’s stomach that send him backpedaling into the ropes.  Peterson now looks to be going for the kill, and wants to close in impressive fashion.  Peterson punishes the hurting Cayo with accurate uppercuts upstairs, followed by more body punches.  Cayo through the onslaught of punishment, finally drops to the canvas and looks to be complaining of a headbutt.  However the referee begins his count while Cayo lies on the canvas, he fails to beat the count of ten.  Peterson closed the show tremendously in the final stanza, and the bout is over at two minutes and forty six seconds of the final round.

Peterson KO’s Cayo in the 12th.

Peterson-Cayo fight summary:

In a fight very much worth the price of admission,  Lamont Peterson now improving to 29-1-1 (15 KOs) was able to score a sensational 12th round knockout.  The Washington D.C. pugilist worked the body incredibly well throughout the night against his quicker opponent Victor Cayo whose record dropped to 26-2 (18 KOs).  The body work payed it’s dividends in the final stanza as he was able to score a knockout, letting his fists be the judges.  At the time of the stoppage, Bleachereportboxing’s scorecard had Lamont Peterson ahead in the bout with a score of 107-102.  Being that this bout was an IBF Jr Welterweight title eliminator, it could be in the cards for Peterson to be in line for a shot with current champion Amir Khan 26-1 (18 KOs).


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