September 9th,2011. Klitschko-Adamek breakdown and prediction.

Vitali Klitschko,on the left hand side, has his WBC Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. The Challenger, Tomasz Adamek, a former Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Champion is on the right.

“A good big man always beats a good little man.”, one of the many old adages in boxing. It looks like it will be applied to tomorrow nights WBC Heavyweight Championship bout between Champion, Vitali Klitschko (42-2 39 KOs) from Kiev, Ukraine and challenger, Tomasz Adamek (44-1 28 KOs) from Poland, now fighting out of Jersey City, New Jersey. Klitschko is the reigning, two time WBC Heavyweight Champion, and former WBO Heavyweight Champion as well. This will be Klitschko’s seventh title defense. Adamek, a very good fighter himself, is the former WBC LightHeavyweight Champion, and the former IBF Cruiserweight Champion.


Vitali Klitschko has had nothing but success in his career as of late. Klitschko has not suffered a defeat since 2003, when he lost on cuts while leading on the scorecards after the sixth round of an unforgettable brawl with the former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, Lennox Lewis. Much to Vitali’s dismay, he never was able to secure the rematch he longed for with Lewis, as Lewis would retire after the bout. Since then, after losing to Lewis, his reputation in the boxing world sky rocketed. Because of Vitali’s other loss, against Chris Byrd in 2000 for Vitali’s WBO Heavyweight Championship, he had questions about his desire. Klitschko was way ahead on all the score cards coming into the tenth round, however he suffered a terrible shoulder injury and could not continue, and that would be his first professional loss. Following the Lewis defeat, Vitali would avenge his brother, Wladimir, against the man who had knocked him out for Wladimir’s WBO Heavyweight Championship, Corrie Sanders. Scoring a TKO of Sanders in the 8th round to claim the vacant WBC Heavyweight Championship, which would begin his first short lived reign as the WBC Champion.

After one dominant title defense over England’s Danny Williams, Vitali was forced to step away from the sport due to injuries in 2005 before a scheduled bout with former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, Hasim Rahman. Just about everyone in the boxing world thought that was “Adios” and we would never see the older Klitschko brother return to the squared circle again. To the surprise of many, Vitali would return three years later in late 2008 to punish “The Nigerian Nightmare” hard hitting Samuel Peter to reclaim the WBC Heavyweight Championship in eight one sided rounds. Since then, Vitali has been absolutely dominant. Defending his Crown six times in one sided affairs, most recently a first round blow out of the then undefeated Odlanier Solis. Although Vitali’s brother, Wladimir, is the recognized Champion of the Heavyweight divison, there are several people in the boxing community that feel as though Vitali is the best Heavyweight in the world. However, the two Champion brothers have stated on numerous occasions that they will never face each other. Perhaps stating that blood is thicker than belts.

Vitali fights somewhat awkwardly, but very effective. Standing in at almost six feet eight inches tall, and usually weighing in around two hundred and fifty pounds, Klitschko uses his size extremely well. Leaving his left hand down at his waist through much of his fights, sometimes pawing with the jab, and at other times throwing a very stiff, strong left jab. Vitali’s hardest punch is his right hand, a crunching blow he throws from a variety of angles that he usually sets up with the jab. Vitali is more than just a one-two fighter though, he has an assortment of punches from all types of different angles. His hand speed is quite good for a man of his size, and his knockout percentage speaks for itself. For the most part Vitali likes to do his work to the head, although he will dig in to the body from time to time.

Defensively, it’s surprising how good Vitali is, considering he’s such a big man and leaves his left hand low. He doesn’t get hit too often though, and when he does the Ukranian Champion can take one helluva shot. As evidence from the Lewis fight in particular, where the famous Lennox Lewis right hand and right uppercut landed flush on Vitali, and Vitali didn’t fall. Vitali Klitschko has never suffered a knockdown in his entire professional career. What makes Vitali special, is that at his size he can fight at a rapid pace just fine. Klitschko’s endurance is impressive, he throws a high number of punches for Heavyweights, most of the punches usually with power, and as mentioned before, from a variety of angles. Wether being the aggressor, or having to fight off the back foot, Vitali is equally as effective either way. Stir all this into the pot, and you indeed have an extremely difficult man to defeat.


Tomasz Adamek is on a thirteen fight winning streak since being dethroned of his WBC LightHeavyweight Championship in early 2007 to the then undefeated “Bad” Chad Dawson. Since then, Adamek has transformed himself from a brawler, to a very good boxer-puncher. The transformation has paid some very good dividends for Adamek, as he would move up twenty four pounds in weight to relinquish Steve Cunningham’s IBF Cruiserweight Championship in late 2008. After two successful title defenses in 2009, Adamek would make another jump in weight to the Heavyweight division. Typically weighing in around two hundred and fifteen pounds. Due to Adamek’s successful transformation and enhanced boxing skills, he’s been able to upend every heavyweight he’s faced thus far in his previous six bouts, all against men who outweighed him. The most defining win in his Heavyweight campaign was last year in April, against the much larger Chris Arrerola via a Majority Decision in a great fight. In his most recent fight, five months ago, against Ireland’s Kevin Mcbride, the most recent man to fight and defeat the former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson. Adamek won every round of the affair, while being outweighed by seventy pounds.

Tomasz has most definitely improved his defense. Years ago, including the defeat to Dawson, Adamek was rather easy to hit. In his two grueling, fight of the year candidate bouts with Australia’s Paul Briggs, in 2005 and 2006 Adamek took an incredible amount of punishment to gain the victory each time. Those two bouts, along with the rest of his career, have shown to the world that Adamek’s desire and heart will never be in question. Nowadays though, Adamek isn’t nearly as easy to connect against, coupled with that he’s usually facing slower men at these higher weight classes. Adamek has very good hand and foot speed for a Heavyweight, and has been using those advantages along with his skills to be undefeated thus far at Heavyweight. Tomasz is usually in and out, and very fundamentally sound, throwing his punches in combinations, usually setting them up off the jab and getting out of range before his opponent can return fire. Adamek holds his hands high, and has good head movement, and is in supreme condition. Tomasz in his entire career has shown he can fight at a rapid pace. Adamek goes to the body extremely well, firing off combinations to the stomach and his best punch in that area is his left hook. At times he’ll use the body punches to set up some shots upstairs, at other times he’ll strictly bang to the body.

Adamek’s true flaws aren’t really his fault. He’s not a natural Heavyweight, he’s always going to be the smaller man, with less strength, and less punching power. Thats the cost he pays for having the advantage typically in speed and movement. Despite that, he’s one of the very top Heavyweights on the planet today. He will be victorious or go out swinging, and does have very good technique, movement, and hand speed. With David Haye recently losing his WBA Heavyweight Championship to the other Klitschko, Wladimir, Tomasz Adamek is the most deserving challenger in the division.


First off: Bleachereportboxing expects this bout to produce more fireworks than did the other heavily anticipated Heavyweight Championship bout this year that was Klitschko-Haye.

Having said that, it would be shocking to this site if Adamek were to produce the upset. Adamek is indeed a very good fighter, but he may just be biting off more than he can chew in fighting a man who is greatly conditioned and outweighs him by around thirty five pounds as well giving up six inches in height. It is damn near impossible to envision Adamek winning by a stoppage, so that would mean his best bet is to decision Vitali Klitschko. Tomasz would have to dig in to the body repetitiously, and escape the punching range of Klitschko. The problem with that is, Adamek in throwing his combinations would assuredly be in the punching range of Vitali every time he himself tries to get in his shots. And although Adamek may have slightly quicker hands and feet, the disparity isn’t as great as Klitschko’s advantages in power,size, and strength. Bleachereportboxing would expect Vitali to have to be the aggressor for much of the fight and for Adamek to be on the move. Were going with Vitali Klitschko on this one, the question is wether by stoppage or decision? Either is very possible, depending on Adamek. Adamek as said before is a warrior, and will go out on his shield. However, if he at some point in the fight sees it futile,and that victory is all but impossible than Tomasz may just fight to go the distance. Either way it should be a fight with a good amount of excitement, and some competitiveness. However Vitali will be too big, he will be able to land with his punches from all angles when Adamek fires off his shots, and the big right hand is the punch one would expect to end the fight if it does end before the twelve rounds. Adamek should be able to land his own good amount of punches, but against Vitali Klitschko it’s like hitting a brick wall, and Adamek does not have one punch knockout power.


Vitali Klitschko via mid-to late round stoppage.

Bleachereportboxing is expecting Vitali Klitschko,(on the left) to defeat the deserving challenger, Tomasz Adamek via a mid to late round stoppage.


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