September 17th,2011.Mayweather-Ortiz breakdown and prediction.

Mayweather, on the left side, is looking to gain his seventh World Championship in five different weight classes. Ortiz, on the right, is the reigning and defending WBC Welterweight Champion of the World, making his first title defense.

Tomorrow night in Las Vegas, at the renowned MGM Grand Garden Arena, long time boxing superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather (41-0 25 KOs) will be looking to relinquish yet another World Championship from the hands of another man ten years his junior, “Vicious” Victor Ortiz (29-2-2 22 KOs).  Mayweather, originally from Michigan, now fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada, hasn’t stepped foot in the ring since May 1st of 2010, when he fought and decisively defeated future Hall of Famer, “Sugar” Shane Mosley.  After every almost annual one sided victory, boxing fans and sports spectators alike beg the question “Who will be the first to defeat Mayweather?” Enter the hard hitting, hungry, and left handed young lion Victor Ortiz, originally from Garden City, Kansas, now fighting out of Oxnard, California.  Mayweather’s pre fight promotion talk, primarily on the now well recognized HBO Series “24/7,” leads to some onlookers being amused, entertained, and of course supporters.  Others viewing Mayweather’s colorful personality have a disdain for it, and root for Mayweather to be defeated for the first time in his professional career.  Then of course you have your neutral person, just hoping to see a competitive bout, and may the best man win.  Ortiz himself has stated in numerous occasions that he doesn’t appreciate it all too much, and will be the first to put an end to Mayweather’s thus far unblemished record.  Both men, as most fighters do, have assertively announced that they will be victorious on September 17th, 2011.  For Floyd Mayweather, it’s a chance to silence the critics who say that he is typically unwilling to face stiff challenges and fighters that are at their best or his size, as well as an opportunity to add another World Championship to his lengthy collection.  For Victor Ortiz, this is the opportunity every young fighter dreams of, the big stage.  It will be the first time Ortiz will be defending his newly crowned WBC Welterweight Championship he took from the then undefeated Champion, who just regained another World Championship earlier this month, Andre Berto.  Will this be a changing of the guard?  A new superstar born?  Or will we see yet another showcase of the incredibly skilled Floyd Mayweather walk away yet again unbeaten?  All of those questions will be answered tomorrow night, however were going to try our best to give you a logical prediction and breakdown for the super-fight that will begin broadcasting on HBO PPV, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.


Ever since capturing the Bronze Medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, the then monikered “Pretty boy” Floyd Mayweather has been at times a virtuous pugilist.  Despite not garnering the Gold Medal, that Mayweather himself believed he was robbed of, he was the first American fighter to defeat a Cuban amateur in the Olympic Games in several years.  Those in the boxing world still believed that Mayweather was indeed a bluechip, must see prospect.  Two years later, in October of 1998, after easily fighting his way to a record of seventeen victories without a defeat, Mayweather took on the highly touted and respect veteran WBC Super Featherweight Champion, the late Genaro Hernandez, whose only other defeat in his entire professional career was when he moved up in weight five pounds to take on a prime, undefeated, and future Hall of Famer, Oscar De La Hoya.  Many gave Mayweather credit, and were surprised at how little experience he had given himself for such a stiff challenge for a twenty one year old fighter with only seventeen professional fights.  However, the real surprise was how dominant Floyd was in easily dispatching the crafty Hernandez in eight rounds, giving Mayweather his first ever World Championship.  After an impressive three year run as the Super Featherweight Champion, and having eight convincing title defenses, the most unforgettable being the five knockdown destruction of the then undefeated, Pound for Pound elite, and slight favorite heading into the fight, Diego “Chico” Corrales.  Corrales was the much taller man, and had a significant advantage in punching power, as well as holding the IBF Super Featherweight Championship before being stripped of it heading into the bout with Mayweather.  Mayweather stopped Corrales in the tenth round, after Corrales’ corner halted the bout after the fifth and final knockdown.   Corrales, being the warrior he had been known for, was enraged at the decision of his corner.  He would go on to prove the Mayweather fight was far from the end of him.  In winning what many consider the fight of the decade of the 2000s,capturing the Lightweight Championship against another man defeated by Mayweather, Mexican great and probable Future Hall of Famer, Jose Luis Castillo in May of 2005.  After Mayweather’s eighth and final Super Featherweight Title defense in late 2001, he moved up five pounds in weight to try and become the Lightweight Champion against the previously mentioned, highly heralded, Jose Luis Castillo.  The bout took place in April of 2002, Mayweather came into the fight being a significant favorite, despite Castillo’s more than worthy dossier, and being the WBC Lightweight Champion.  What took place is still to this date Mayweather’s toughest out, a decision still hotly debated by boxing enthusiasts.  Despite the outburst of people who believed Castillo had deserved the victory, including HBO, Mayweather was awarded the Unanimous Decision.  Giving him his second World Championship in his second weight class.  Mayweather to his credit, confessed it was a close fight and granted Castillo and immediate rematch eight months later.  Despite Castillo giving yet another good go of it, it was clear that this time Mayweather was the better man, and again was awarded the Unanimous Decision to accumulate his first title defense as the Lightweight Champion.  After a short lived stint in the LIghtweight division as Champion, with three title defenses in the span of one and a half year, Mayweather decided it was time to yet again move up in weight for new challenges in the Junior Welterweight division.  The first task at hand, was in May of 2004, against southpaw, Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley.  Despite a shocking first thirty seconds of the fourth round, where Mayweather was momentarily badly stunned


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