November 5th 2011. Quillin-Mcewan and Angulo-Kirkland,Post-Fight Summary and Breakdown.

Well, fists sure did meet fury Saturday night. As the underdog Kirkland, has revived his career with a very impressive knockout in an incredible fight.


Outside of the terrific Middleweight Champion of the World, Sergio Martinez, and the well known draw with the famous last name, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  The Middleweight division has been considered thin.  In this bout, we were looking to see if there is a must see, or intriguing Middleweight in Cancun tonight.  Peter Quillin (26-0, 20 KOs)now fighting out of Brooklyn, New York, showed that there was such a fighter on hand, as he impressively stopped the rugged Scottish product, Craig Mcewan, now (19-2, 10 KOs), in the sixth round.  Peter Quillin has not received the kind of notoriety that the fighters who were being displayed in the main event did, but he proved tonight that it is time for the boxing world to take a look.  Undefeated records and fighters come and go, and because of that fight fans will be skeptical of any fighter on the come up unscathed before stepping into the ring with a fighter that might be World Championship material.  Although Mcewan is not a World Champion caliber fighter, he did give Andy Lee hell on his hand. Mcewan was even winning the fight before being stopped late, and we know Andy Lee is a legit Middleweight contender.  In comparison to what Lee did, Quillin surpassed Lee’s performance, and that is a credential for Quillin that he could show to those that will remain skeptical of his talents.  As for the fight itself, Mcewan to his credit did come to fight, and he was applying pressure, but it there was just not enough effective pressure to make him truly competitive with Quillin as the fight progressed.  After being hurt in the first few rounds, Mcewan’s pressure slowed.  Mcewan’s picked up the pace again in the fifth and sixth round, and to Quillin’s credit, despite being wild at times, he did a good job of not getting his head knocked back or being punched clean too often,even though Mcewan was the man typically coming forward.  During the sixth and final round though, while Mcewan was still game, Quillin checked him with a left hook, a punch some felt was not as a effective as his right hand to finish the bout.  As the referee halted the bout in the sixth round despite Mcewan never going to the canvas.


Peter Quillin thankfully did turn out to give boxing a previously unheard of fighter to start paying attention to.  Quillin was too fast, and too good for the gutsy Mcewan, who did not want the fight to be stopped either.  Quillin’s pop was something to behold as well, as he not only threw his punches with serious intentions, but the punches look like the intent is met with very good power.  This performance makes those in boxing say “Well okay……yeah!” if Quillin were to be matched up with any of the top Middleweights in the world, even Sergio Martinez; Lets face it the public separates Martinez head and shoulders above the competition at Middleweight.  So a fight with Quillin is just as plausible as a fight with Chavez Jr, Pirog, or even some of the top Junior Middleweight moving up.  No sentiment of Quillin being a pound-for-pound type yet, but lets give the twenty seven year old some more time to see everything the undefeated Brooklynite has got.  As for Mcewan, I would not doubt him if he told the world that he was ready to be carried out on his shield rather than be stopped on his feet.  The referee’s job is to save the fighters from themselves sometimes, and Mcewan was not going to beat the poised,talented Quillin.  So all in all boxing got a better than expected fighter putting on a good show tonight in undefeated Middleweight, Peter Quillin.


HBO said this fight had knockout written all over it, this site said a knockout was guaranteed, and thankfully for the folks in Cancun and at home they received the promise and then some. An absolute crowd pleaser, with both men tasting the canvas, and both men tasting the canvas in the same round, and an upset where the underdog came into the bout fighting a guy in his native country.  As Texas Native, James Kirkland improved to (30-1 27 KOs) after surprisingly thwarting Mexico’s Alfredo Angulo, who suffered his second professional defeat (20-2 17 KOs) in on paper what would be the perfect fight for Angulo.  Instead, Kirkland came in looking mentally honed in, physically more defined, and having what he did not have in his only professional loss; Legendary Woman’s fighter, Ann Wolfe.  As soon as the bell rang, Kirkland was all over Angulo, immediately something to behold because nobody, not any fighter yet thus far, has backed up Alfredo Angulo.  However, With James Kirkland fighting in that style to open the bout, it looked as if Angulo could give Kirkland the same fate he had in April against Ishida.  As Kirkland was coming in yet again, as he always has like a human tank, coming forward looking to put some hurt on Angulo rather than worrying about what Angulo had to dish out.  Very impressive.  About halfway through the first stanza the awaited moment happened:  A single right hand that landed right on the money, Angulo flattened Kirkland, and if Ishida duplicated this months before, than what the hell is Alfredo Angulo about to do?  The answer was anything but one could expect.  What ensued was Kirkland not going down twice more and being stopped in the first round.  What happened is Kirkland, on wobbly legs, took severe punishment from the hard punching Angulo for well over a minute and then in the final thirty seconds rallied back to knock Angulo down for the first time in his entire professional career. Kirkland did not score a flash knockdown either, he scored the exact opposite.  When Angulo got to his feet, he was on even shakier ground than Kirkland was when he was down, and that is shocking considering Angulo’s reputation with his ability to take shots.  A war that played out like Mexico versus Texas all over again took place after the unforgettable first round.  Make no mistake about it, Kirkland did not just walk away with the biggest victory of his career months after suffering the biggest loss he has ever had.  No, Angulo, despite looking hurt and weary for much of the remainder of the bout, still was dangerous and threw and landed a few good bombs.  Every time though, this new James Kirkland was a tank and remained undeterred.  With the exception of some coasting moments in the last two rounds or so, James Kirkland showed up, and ran through Alfredo Angulo, and that script too most was suppose to go the other way around.  Kirkland is not great defensively or even slick really, but if he can be this guy every night or even improve under Ann Wolfe, than who knows how far he can go?  Angulo had slower hands, was not as good defensively, was not physically stronger, and did not even look particularly at his best.  Kirkland won big, and Angulo had to suffer his first knockdown,stoppage and devastating loss of his career, but the folks who witnessed the fight as it happened won more than anybody.


Boxing won in every aspect, Alfredo Angulo can take solace in tonight’s showing as well.  Yes he lost, but seriously, what would be the point of him taking more punishment?  The clear seeing eye should see it obvious that Angulo would undoubtedly have continued on.  Yes, money is being spent and people want to see these men give it their all each time out, but Angulo was doing so tonight and it was becoming deadly apparent that it was not going to be enough to change the tide.  In boxing, sometimes you lose more than the game or fight.  Alfredo Angulo is still very exciting, hard punching and intriguing.  Like Kirkland was able to do, this defeat could be a setback that enhances him or does not, that remains to be seen for “El Perro.”  As for James Kirkland, the American fighter hushed a lot of mouths including this site’s prediction.  Kirkland showed appearing to be the guy we thought we may have had in Angulo, a tank, that walks through guys until they aren’t standing in front anymore.  Kirkland’s suspect chin seemed to have rendered that impossible for him to have that style, but after taking one of the best puncher’s sunday punches, maybe we all should not be so skeptical and just make sure he has Ann Wolfe in that corner.  All praises due to both guys who brought their all, and similar to the Demarco-Linares a few weeks ago, they showed that despite all the ways boxing continues to shoot itself in the foot, that a great fight is something special that every generation should see and would appreciate.  A rematch would be a blast, more of what we all just saw?  Yes.  Other than that option, Kirkland has launched himself into an even better position he was at the start of the year, he is the number one contender for the WBC, and the “Canelo” Alvarez is the Champion, a very lucrative payday and opportunity for Kirkland.  Lets just see if Alvarez’s camp would be willing to come to the table at this stage in the young fighter’s career.  Kirkland is back to being the name now, the guy people come to see, and for that he can now just stay busy taking on legit fights for good money on television in case he’s unable to lure in the biggest names he possibly can.  As for Angulo, having a huge Mexican fan base does not hurt, nor does his crowd pleasing style.  As said before there is a possibility (just speculation) that Angulo was not at his absolute best this night either, and with all that being said boxing fans will see Alfredo Angulo get another opportunity.  For the fighters that were watching at home:  I wonder if even they were blown away by the display of guts and excitement each man gave, like Roy Jones was.  For promoters, hopefully they see that it actually is a good idea to pair up two guys who could be on their way to their highest possible level without facing each other, because of results like these.  James Kirkland and Alfredo Angulo gave us an ESPN Classic bout so to say, one you can throw on the DVD player, or whatever device years from now, and relive it with joy.  Fights like these are for you; Boxing naysayers and enthusiasts.  James Kirkland scored a TKO in the sixth round.


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