A look at the significance of Manny Pacuqiao, and Juan Manuel Marquez’s rubber match.

Global icon and virtuous pugilist, Manny Pacuqiao is pictured on the left hand side holding various World Championships from the WBC and WBO. Mexican ring legend and multiple division World Champion, Juan Manuel Marquez is pictured on the right hand side with his Lightweight Championship. This will be Marquez's second attempt at moving up from the Lightweight division, the first being against Floyd Mayweather who outboxed Marquez decisively through twelve rounds. Fan still sport plenty of excitement though, because styles make fights.


The legendary, hall of fame bound, Romanza gym product is now thirty eight years old, and the Mexico City star comes into the bout looking to win his first World Championship in the Welterweight division.  But more important than any titles, Marquez wants to prove that the first two encounters the two fighters had were unjust decisions, and that he is indeed a better fighter than Pacquiao.

`Marquez comes into Saturday night sporting a record of  (53-5-1 39 KOs,) and he is currently the universally recognized Lightweight Champion of the World, and is known as the man whose been the only fighter since 2006 to give Manny Pacquiao all he can handle and then some for twelve full rounds.  Ever since Juan wasn’t given the victories he so genuinely felt he deserved he went on a campaign that demanded  Pacuqiao fight him again, because to Marquez, the public doesn’t know the truth between the two in full.

`Marquez even rattled, and got under the skin of the normally calm, relaxed, or cold blood Manny Pacquiao.  By making trips to Pacquiao’s native Philippines and goading him on, stating to his countrymen that there fellow filipino received a gift.

`Aside from Floyd Mayweather’s dominance over Marquez in not hurting, but completely outboxing Juan, Marquez has truly been an elite fighter since 2004.  Beating Marco Antonio Barrera to become the Super Featherweight Champion in 2007, and having the WBA and IBF Featherweight titles unified coming into the first bout with Pacquiao.  Marquez followed up his excellence in 2008 by winning the Lightweight Championship by knocking out probable hall of fame Cuban star, Joel Casamayor.

As for his two fights Pacquiao, which began seven years ago, and fans still debate these decisions like they debate De La Hoya-Trinidad and Hagler-Leonard.  Maybe a large consensus will just never agree, and that is the beauty in boxing sometimes.  In their first bout, back in 2004 when they were both Featherweights, fighting for the Championship and Pay Per View hopes, both had claims to being the best Featherweight in boxing.  Pacquiao had just kayoed Barrera out of nowhere to become the recognized Champion, however Marquez had his WBA and IBF titles so the two had a score to settle.

`Marquez, is usually a supreme technical fighter, particularly offensively, and he preferred to come out  trying to fight with Pacquiao, instead of his usual more tactical pace and Manny made him suffer immediately.  Dumping Marquez onto his trunks three times in the first round, and in the third knockdown in particular it looked like Marquez was done.  Somehow though, showing the guts of a Tyrannosaurus’s ribcage, Marquez came back to his corner to continue, nose leaking blood and all.  It seemed as though Marquez had miscalculated the danger and explosiveness that lied in Pacquiao, but after he was knocked down three times in the first he had learned his lesson.

`From the second round out the bout consisted largely of Marquez outboxing Pacquiao and landing the cleaner shots, and winning the rounds.  However Pacquiao would have his spurts of explosiveness and that was enough, coupled with the three knockdown to earn him a draw, and as for Juan Marquez, if your a Marquez supporter you probably just wish that Juan could have stayed on his feet when he fights Manny.   Otherwise he may very well be up 2-0 right now.

` In the second bout, folks seemed a bit more conclusive in their opinions that Marquez had deserved the decision, although  plenty in boxing found no problem with the decision at all.  To repeat:   Again this is the kind of  fight that will be argued over until the WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO decide to plan a picnic to fix boxing.

Marquez improved on not allowing himself to be floored three times to dig himself into a hole early, although he still suffered a knockdown.  While Manny improved on his technique and not allowing Marquez’s counter punching abilities to be used so frequently.  So the second bout had a little bit more chess to it, but it was still just as good if not better than the first.

`The sentiment Marquez supporters felt following the second bout was usually “Ok, fine, we believe we outboxed Manny essentially the whole fight after suffering the three knockdowns in the first.  But those three knockdowns are huge in tipping the scales of scoring so a draw is something we can understand.  But this second bout Marquez won.  In the first bout you give a fighter a  draw when a guy goes down three times and outboxes the other fighter a majority of the remained of the bout.  But now in the second fight when the same thing happens except it’s only one knockdown instead of three and you give Pacquiao the WIN? when Marquez received a draw after being dropped three times…”  Thoughts and expressions echoed by many disappointed and in disagreement with the decision of the second bout between Marquez and Pacquiao.

`So with all this on the table, all the history, the stakes, the stage, what really lies in all of those things is opportunities, and Juan Manuel Marquez has more to fight for than Manny Pacquiao.  As of now, Marquez will be remembered by boxing fans and adored until he deceases and then some, he’s a great fighter.  But if he could shock Pacquiao this third time around, and it certainly would be the most shocking attempt out of the three he’s given, than it’d make Juan Manuel Marquez truly something special.  It would place him head and shoulder above Morales and Barrera, who were other Mexican fighter that eclipsed Marquez while the three were fighting earlier in the decade in the Featherweight weight classes.  It’s everything for Marquez, if he wins this fight he’ll be mobbed from Mexico to Morocco, if not he’ll still be bothered quite a bit.

`If Marquez  pulls a rabbit out of the hat it will make him a universally recognized four division Champion.  Actually the first from Mexico, because with all due respect to the great “El Terrible”  Erik Morales, Morales recently won the vacant WBC Junior Welterweight title, so that doesn’t truly qualify as being the king of the division.  Marquez was “The Man.” each time he won the titles in his weight classes.  So if he can relinquish Pacuqiao’s WBO Welterweight Champion, it’d make him truly the first ever fighter from Mexico to be a Champion in four different weight divisions, and that would catapult Juan Manuel Marquez into the highest heights in boxing a guy like him could possibly go.

`Finally, as Juan would probably tell you, he’s also putting his national pride on the line and states that it’s always an essential factor in motivating him to win, I’m sure he’ll pour his soul out for the fans on hand at the MGM Grand chanting “VIVA MEXICO!” no matter how far fetched victory may turn out to be.  It is possible, or rather with wishful thinking, that an old saying in boxing is that every great fighter has one last great fight in him.  For Marquez’s fans sake, and even fight fans sake (cause we’d be jumping around if the third fight can resemble the first two.)  if that ole cliche could apply to the old warrior Saturday night.  This bout for Juan feels different than the Mayweather bout did, and that may not mean a difference.  But there is personal issues between Juan and Manny, they are true rivals.  The Mayweather fight felt more like a gallant attempt in a slim chance fight for Marquez.  With Pacquiao though, Marquez emphasizes that he really does have Manny’s number and that he knows he can win, not that he’ll just give it his all like he was saying leading up to the Mayweather fight.  But that he’ll win, not just put forth his best effort possible, and thats a more effective psyche.


Marquez, on the left. With Pacquiao on the right, are pictured here after their incredible 2004 clash for the Feathweight title. In which each man left without a victory as the bout was ruled a draw. Since then Marquez has been adamant that he defeated Pacquiao that night and on a night four years later. Pacquiao believes Juan is talking too much. There is definitely a score to settle Saturday night. Both men are looking to silence any fans,media or onlookers alike as to who is the better man head to head.


Much like his adversary, except even more so to his credit, Manny Pacuqiao doesn’t have to win another World Title or even fight again to cement his legacy.  It’s cemented, and thats that, a great fighter is a great fighter.  Pacquiao, the pride of General Santos, the Philippines is coming into his rubber match with Marquez with a decorated resume posted at (53-3-2, 38 KO).  Which includes World Championships in eight different weight classes. The first fighter to ever accomplish such a feat.

`Manny could walk away from Juan,and the sport if he wanted to and tell him ” Yeah, close, but no cigar, I got the victory you should have stayed on your feet, farewell.”  But it seems like Pacquiao is sincere, and is showing that fighting spirit and not just hyping the bout along with trainer Freddie Roach when they say this fight is very personal.  More personal then the previous handful of fights Manny has had.  Pacquiao doesn’t just want to notch another victory against Marquez, or wage another memorable war with the Mexican legend.  He wants to flatten Marquez, he wants to win in devastating,spectacular fashion.  Mainly because of his own personal feelings between himself and Marquez as competitors, but also of course to the media, and  because of his rival for boxing supremacy, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather.

`Mayweather swept Marquez two years ago, and Pacquaio has had two virtually dead even fights with Marquez, hence why this bout must take place.  Although Manny has been more active than Floyd and is racking up more victories and world titles.  You have to say for Manny that it’d be very good for him to not have another life and death scrap with Marquez but rather leave everyone going home saying “WOW, Pacquiao blew him out!”  Because Floyd has lost one round in the past two years, and you can count on your hands how many clean shots have been landed on Mayweather in the past few years.

`Mayweather just knocked out (supposedly controversially, even though the number one rule in boxing is to protect yourself at all times, and is uttered before every bout.)  a fighter in Victor Ortiz, who was ten years younger than Mayweather, stronger, had good hand speed and punching power, and good skills, and possessed the WBC Welterweight Championship that he’d just taken from an undefeated fighter Andre Berto who since has rebounded by gaining the IBF Welterweight Championship, in four rounds.

`So almost like how Magic and Bird had to glance over at each other’s stat sheets every night to try an one up each other, this is no different.  You can best believe Manny Pacuqiao doesn’t want anybody thinking Juan Manuel Marquez has his number, or that Floyd Mayweather has just one upped him in performance.  Manny as always fights for the Filipinos and the Philippine country that adores him, and because of his willingness to represent where he came from, his community has responded in an outpouring of support.

` In the end though, a fight with Floyd looms on the horizon, and nobody in boxing, or really on this planet wants that fight to go to waste.  But this isn’t a bad fight for Manny in the meantime considering his circumstances, you can’t say he’s picking on a little guy, he’s already fought him even twice, and Manny started his fighting days as a pro well over 25 pounds ago.

`Manny has been fighting guys dwarfing him in size and pounding on them as well.  There is nothing wrong with two legends getting it on in a crowd pleaser with history between the two backing them.  For Manny it’d be a sweet victory, he says possibly one of his sweetest, and it keeps the mega fight, Super Bowl of boxing alive that is Mayweather-Pacquiao.


The dream situation for Pacquiao this time around. Except this time he would hope that the gutty Marquez wouldn't return to his feet and that'd be all she wrote. As Pacquiao seeks true vindication

As for the underdog Marquez. Who says he comes in with no fear as always and plenty of craft. it'd be ideal for himself and his supporters if images like this are to be taken throughout Saturday night. Of Juan Manuel Marquez standing up and beating back the Godzilla-like Manny Pacquiao.


One response to “A look at the significance of Manny Pacuqiao, and Juan Manuel Marquez’s rubber match.

  1. all i have to say is as a true boxing fan juan was robbed tonight. the first fight was in my eyes was a draw. the second fight could of gone either way. but after watching this fight it proves how shaded the boxing can be. juan won the fight and he was robbed. it just aint right

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