ESPN’s Friday Night Fights coverage, January 13th, 2012.

Teon Kennedy, pictured on the left hand side, and his adversary, pictured on the right, Christopher Martin. Fought to a very competitive Majority Draw on ESPN's main event on Friday Night Fights.




By taking a look at each fighter’s respective dossiers, one would conclude that on paper this main event bout on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights was sure to be a good, competitive bout.  Although the California native, Christopher Martin, 25, (23-1-3, 6 KOs)  was viewed as a slight favorite heading into the bout.  In the first few rounds it looked as though that assumption was correct, Martin’s faster hands and movement were giving him an early advantage.  Teon Kennedy, 25, (17-1-2, 7 KOs) born and raised in Philadelphia, however, switched up his game plan which was coinciding with Martin’s endurance fading.  What Kennedy began to do is be continually smother Martin on the inside and on the ropes and continued outworking Martin, banging away at Martin’s stomach.

By the seventh round it looked like the arena on hand at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino smelled an upset.  As Kennedy’s pressure and body attack began to take a toll on the quicker Martin.  Martin through several of the middle rounds, couldn’t find a way or was too tired to keep Kennedy off of him to utilize his advantages on the outside.  Martin did however, close the show in the final two rounds well enough to take away Kennedy decisively taking home the win.  Since Martin was able to dazzle the crowd on hand in the early stages of the fight and then began closing the show with some fire, the judges awarded Martin with a draw.

Awarded is a good word to use because Martin did not win this fight, he made it extremely close in the final rounds to tighten up the scorecards.  Much to the dismay of Kennedy and the audience, Kennedy did not pull off the upset.  A draw is fine though, because in this bout the fans watching cannot truly know for a fact who is the better fighter.  With the verdict being a draw, this bout screams for a rematch, as this first exchange between Martin and Kennedy is certainly not conclusive enough.

The judges final score cards were: 97-93, Martin, and two scores of 95-95.  Making the decision a Majority Draw.  Hopefully  ESPN will ask these two men who gave us a good scrap to do it once more time to settle the score.  Again, there should be a rematch, and a Majority Draw is a very plausible verdict.  If anybody deserved the slight nod, it was Teon Kennedy.  The future for both men should be each other:  fighting in the squared circle once more.


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