Shobox coverage, 1-20-12

Undefeated, and decorated Cuban Amateur boxing star, now turned professional, Guillermo Rigondeaux. Is pictured on the right hand side, uncorking one of the few blows thrown in his action deprived 6th Round Knock out of then undefeated, California residing, Rico Ramos. Who was coming into the bout defending his WBA Super Bantamweight World Championship.




Typically, a fight like this would be quite bizarre. Seeing as how there is a fighter in the undefeated Rigondeaux (9-0, 7 KOs)  who only had 8, yes that’s right 8 ,professional bouts before challenging for his first World Championship against  fellow undefeated fighter, Rico Ramos (20-1, 12 KOs).  What didn’t make this bout unorthodox though is that Rigondeaux is already plenty seasoned for a fighter with only 8 bouts under his belt.  For one, Rigondeaux is 31 which is considered pretty darn old for a fighter with only eight bouts.  What separates Rigondeaux from that stigma of a stereotype, is that he’s one of the most decorated amateur fighters of all time.  Rigondeaux captured Olympic gold not once, but twice  in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games.  One would probably ask then, why didn’t Rigondeaux turn professional years ago?  Well the answer is an unfortunate one, for various reasons the Cuban government has denied permission to several terrific fighters to fight in the professional ranks. With all of that in mind, Rigondeaux continues to defeat the norm, and was ready to win his first World Championship in just his ninth fight.

What ensued on SHOBOX’s main event was more posturing than punching.  Whenever Rigondeaux did let his hands go he was very effective. As evidence in the first stanza when Rigondeaux dropped Ramos with a left hand, yet he didn’t follow up on it once Ramos beat the ten count.  Instead Rigondeaux continued to be cautious, and was winning through the six rounds that led up to an unsatisfying knockout (for the paying audience).  As Rigondeaux, a natural counter puncher, wasn’t left with much to try and counter.  Ramos seemed very gun shy after the first stanza, as the old adage goes:  Styles make fights.  Since Ramos wasn’t willing to throw, Rigondeaux wasn’t able to do much either. Rigondeaux, as stated earlier likes to take advantage of his opponents mistakes and capitalize with his counter punching.  Much of the crowd on hand seemed irritated at the Palms Hotel and Casino, pleading (not with the nicest words) for the two combatants to duke it out some more, even referee Joe Cortez as one point said  “Come on guys lets go.” As the veteran referee clapped his hands together, Cortez’s plea came to no avail. Ramos continued to be hesitant and Rigondeaux had very little activity himself as he was awaiting Ramos to attack.  Finally in the sixth round, after five rounds of lackluster action barring the knockdown in the first, Rigondeaux put Ramos away.  After partially splitting the gloves of Ramos repeatedly with left hands, while Ramos on the ropes, Rigondeaux dug into the body of Ramos with a left hand, and that was all she wrote.  As Ramos was unable to get up before the count of ten at 1:29 in the sixth round.

Despite the bout being a snoozer and leaving many in the arena barking aloud for more violence, it was still without a doubt an impressive performance by Rigondeaux.  In just his ninth professional bout, Rigondeaux has already ascended into the Championship ranks.  Now that the undefeated Cuban has a World Championship underneath his belt, along with the extreme wealth of amateur experience, he should be ready to face the tops in his division.  Fighters such as Toshiaki Nishioka, or if Rigondeaux would want the biggest challenge in the bantamweight divisions he could call out the dynamic Bantamweight Champion of the World, Nonito Donaire.  As for the former Champion,Rico Ramos, he unfortunately  put on a very subpar effort, rarely throwing punches and when the counter puncher Rigondeaux finally did decide to open up (which wasn’t often either) Ramos wouldn’t launch an assault back, or would buckle under Rigondeaux’s fire.  Ramos not only lost his World Championship, but also crowd appeal.  As anybody who would have watched this fight would be hard pressed to believe they’d walk away from a future Ramos bout with their money’s worth.


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