Alvarez-Lopez post-fight summary. September 16th, 2012.

Two of Mexico’s most beloved sons, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, fought on separate main event cards a mile away from each other this past Saturday night in Las Vegas.  Both Mexican born stars produced bouts that left fans leaping out of their seats at home, as both Chavez Jr, and Alvarez gave buyers their money’s worth.  It was Alvarez however, who walked away leaving the bigger impression and more impressive display out of the two.

Alvarez, the defending WBC Super Welterweight Champion of the World, was looking to make the fifth title defense of his Championship.  His adversary, Josesito Lopez, was coming off the most defining victory of his career. Here he scored an upset TKO victory over former WBC Welterweight World Champion, Victor Ortiz.  Although Alvarez was universally picked to defeat Lopez, the fashion in which he dispatched the game Lopez left spectators awestruck at the 22 year old’s performance.From the opening bell up until referee Joe Cortez halted the bout with a little over ten seconds to go in the fifth round, it was all Alvarez.

No matter what adjustments Lopez attempted throughout the five stanzas, he was always met with no success.  Alvarez had an answer for whatever Lopez threw at him.  He employed his offense beautifully, and outside of a few punches landed, he avoided all of Lopez’s returned fire, no matter what angles Lopez threw them from.

When Lopez did land his before mentioned punches they had no affect on Alvarez.

Now it must but noted that Lopez isn’t a true Super Welterweight.  However, even the punches he landed flush rendered Alvarez still, an immovable object.  Whether Lopez attempted circling away from Alvarez and went to boxing, or attempted to jump in and out with combinations, it was all ineffective; He was simply outgunned, every advantage was in Alvarez’s favor.  Alvarez was the bigger man, the bigger puncher, he had his following on hand, he had the quicker hands, youth, and he’s a more technically sound fighter.

After round 2, it looked like Lopez was in for a brutal, short evening.  Alvarez set up a left hook to the body beautifully, his signature punch, in the final ten seconds of the second round to drop Lopez.  Alvarez set up the punch pawing with his jab and then unleashing a devastating right uppercut that landed flush, finishing the job with the left hook to the body.  The game Lopez arose, but would be dropped yet again by a perfectly placed left hook to the body by Alvarez, after slipping a combination in the third round.  After the gutsy Lopez received more punishment in the fourth, and another knockdown, the fifth ended his night.

Although Alvarez displayed a great variety in his offense throughout the five rounds, it was his left hook, primarily to the body that did Lopez in.

From the beginning of the fifth round, referee Joe Cortez was inching closer and closer to the combatants appearing ready to jump in at any moment to put an end to the beating Lopez was receiving.  Alvarez began the first half of the round firing off his best shots, pinning Lopez on the ropes and working his combinations upstairs, and to the body.  Lopez however, was able to withstand the punishment, so Alvarez momentarily backed off before launching another assault.  When he did, it was all she wrote.  With a little over ten seconds left to go in the fifth round, Alvarez launched a body attack and followed it up with tremendous left and right uppercuts landing flush on lopez causing referee Joe Cortez to intervene and finally put an end to the exciting, five one-sided rounds. Rewarding Alvarez with a fifth round TKO, improving his record to 41-0-1, 30 KOs.  Lopez’s record dropped to 30-5, 18 KOs.

When a fighter puts on a display such as the one Alvarez put forth this past Saturday it makes the boxing public tend to want to see the fighter go up against the cream of the crop in the sport.  Judging from Alvarez’s talent, it does indeed seem to match up with the world’s elite.  However the young man is only 22 years old.  He’s yet to have fought an elite fighter in his prime yet, or even a top 25 Pound-for-Pound fighter.  So despite the young man’s talents, it may be illogical to jump the gun.  Although this site and just about everybody else would be ecstatic about a potential Alvarez-Martinez, or Alvarez-Mayweather match-up, history shows it’s not always wise to throw young talented fighters to the wolves prematurely, i.e. Fernando Vargas when he fought Felix Trinidad before the age of 23.

A better route for the young emerging superstar would perhaps be matching him up with the likes of MIguel Cotto,Gennandy Golovkin, or Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  It would solve the question of whether the young Alvarez stacks up to the caliber of Martinez or Mayweather, as well as provide some needed seasoning and experience.  The fans would win out to, because all three of those potential match ups would more than likely lead to fireworks, particularly a fight with Miguel Cotto.

As for Josesito Lopez, he gave a good showing of heart.  All boxing insiders knew he wasn’t a natural Super Welterweight.  He’s a gutsy, never-say-quit contender.  His best bet is to move back on down to Welterweight and try his chances there, where he won’t be so outgunned.

The 22 year old emerging superstar, Alvarez, celebrates completing his objective to near perfection. Many fans as well as insiders in the sport believe Alvarez already has the goods to match up with the world’s elite fighters. It will be fascinating to see who the young phenom will be paired with next.


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