Boyd Melson’s Team Fight to Walk fight for more than Themselves

Junior Middleweight prize-fighter, Boyd Melson (10-1-1, 4 KOs), posing with some of the help of Melson’s Team Fight to Walk’s cause.

Some fighters fight for money, some for glory, and some for honor.  Four time United States Army Champion, and current professional Junior Middleweight pugilist Boyd Melson (10-1-1, 4 KOs)  and his Team Fight to Walk fight for something even more meaningful: the well being of other human beings.

Melson, who grew up in Brooklyn, New York and later White Plains, NY, and currently resides out of New York City, New York. He turned professional in 2010 after a stellar amateur career that included a Bronze Medal at the 2005 and Silver Medal at the 2006 Amateur Boxing Championships, and would be trip to the 2008 Olympic Games as an alternate representing the United States had it not been for an unfortunate injury.

Melson’s Team, Team Fight to Walk, includes some championship level fighters.  Fighters such as: former two-time IBF Cruiserweight world champion, Steve Cunningham, two United States Olympians, Shawn Estrada and Demetrius Andrade, and also Junior Middleweight contender and member of the Floyd Mayweather Boxing Club Gym in Las Vegas, Deandre Latimore.

Boyd Melson donates 100% of his boxing purse after each professional boxing match to help raise funds to cure Spinal Cord Injuries. He does so representing Team Fight to Walk giving these purses to the 501c3 Non-Profit “justadollarplease.”  This 501c3 was solely established to directly fund a specific Clinical Trial aimed at curing Chronic Spinal Cord Injuries here in the United States next year.  At a press conference this past Thursday, current CEO of Golden Boy Promotions and former ten-time world champion, Oscar De La Hoya, agreed to match and donate dollar-for-dollar, the purse made by Melson and his team, out of his own pocket to help out Melson’s noble cause.

The official banner and logo for Team Fight to Walk. Which consist of several quality fighters lacing up the gloves for stem cell research. Including former Cruiserweight world champion, Steve Cunningham (25-4, 12 KOs).

Melson’s inspiration for his cause is quite a remarkable one. When Melson was a senior at West Point, he had met a young woman who had been in a wheelchair since the age of 10 due to a diving accident.  Melson made this young woman his girlfriend when he met her, and his meeting of her became the impetus for Melson’s non-profit cause.  When Melson laces up the leather and has to go into the lion’s den, he’s doing it to help cure Spinal Cord Injuries.  Melson’s team “Team Fight To Walk” can be found at where you can easily find link to donate to Team Fight To Walk’s Non-Profit it supports justadollarplease found independently at

Stories like these should remind people that in the midst of negative perceptions about the sport of boxing, that there are men like Boyd Melson, his Team Fight To Walk, and Oscar De La Hoya.  In Melson’s case he is risking his own health each and every time he steps into the ring, to potentially give some progress to somebody else.

Former ten-time world champion, and current CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya, donated to Team Fight to Walk’s cause this past Saturday.

In Oscar De La Hoya’s case, many boxing aficionados and writers alike canned De La Hoya’s political correctness.  Some even questioning his honesty.  Well, the former Gold Medalist from East Los Angeles is using his hard earned success to give back to the community. A community that exists in all 50 states, in East Los Angeles where Oscar is from, in NYC where Boyd is from, in all sports College and Professional, and especially in our own boxing community such as former World Champion Paul Williams- THE SPINAL CORD INJURED COMMUNITY.  In all fairness, I think the actions of De La Hoya, particularly his helping hand in Boyd Melson’s cause, speak volumes to the kind of integrity and intentions Oscar De La Hoya really has.

Just like Boyd Melson never forgot the young woman he met at West Point, Oscar De La Hoya never forgot where he came from, and both men are doing beautiful things not just for the sport of boxing; but now also for humanity.

For more information on Boyd Melson’s Team Fight to Walk’s cause please contact the following people:

Boyd Melson:

Publicist and Co-founder Matt Yanofsky:

And Dr. Patrica Morton, a spinal cord specialist, as well as a Neuroscientist:

You can also follow Team Fight to Walk on Twitter at:


Donations can be made at:


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