Broner stops Rees, continues dominance.

Broner (26-0, 22 KOs), on the right hand side, nails Gavin Rees (37-2-1, 18 KOs).  With a big right hand, and would go on to keep ahold of WBC Lightweight championship of the world.

Broner (26-0, 22 KOs), on the right hand side, nails Gavin Rees (37-2-1, 18 KOs). With a big right hand, and would go on to keep ahold of his  WBC Lightweight championship

Ah, the curse of being divinely endowed.  When one is so immensely talented than the rest of the field, the expectations are sky high.  Such is the case for Adrien Broner, Cincinnati, Ohio, (26-0, 22 KOs).  After Broner put on a picture pefrect, jaw dropping display against now former WBC lightweight champion of the world, Antonio Demarco.  Demarco was seen by some, if not many, to have not won a round in an eight round dismantling.  So with onlookers bearing that in their minds, they expected an annihilation of epic proportions.

Certainly Gavin Rees, 32, Newbridge, Wales (37-2-1, 18 KOs) wasn’t going to be able to compete, nor win a round against one of boxing’s blossoming young stars.  But he did through the first two stanzas, arguably winning them both.  But then, as soon as Broner got serious, he seriously began to beat down Rees.  During the third, Rees was dropped by a lighting quick, beautifully thrown right uppercut.  It was a good showing of punching power for Broner.  The game Rees fought on, and fought on to win.  But he lacked the firepower to ward off Broner as he continued punishing Rees in the fourth.  And then, in the fifth, that was all she wrote.  Broner dropped Rees with two left hooks, one up top, and then another right to the gut.  Solidifying the first title defense of his recently won world championship.

Broner may have given up a round or two, and that’s no slight to Rees he did well with his left hook, particularly to the midsection.  But that is exactly what Adrien Broner did.  He gave up those rounds. He had the capabilities to have made the fight even less competitive than it was. And that is saying something, because Rees didn’t earn his paycheck easily by any means.

The truth is though, Broner put on a terrific display any way you slice it.  Gavin Rees is no bum, he’s a former world champion, and will probably make for a very solid contender in the lightweight division if and when Broner moves up in weight.  Still though, Broner’s harshest skeptics will point out he got hit with punches early on, and that possible future, lucrative matchups with Juan Manuel Marquez, Danny Garcia, Lucas Mathysse, and Brandon Rios will bring exploits and holes in Broner’s style.  It’s an assumption, but it’s logical to think that Broner wouldn’t do the same crowd pleasing antics he did early on and throughout against Rees, than if he were to be fighting any of the fighters previously mentioned.

For Broner though, his post fight interview following his victory, in which he was asked by HBO’s Max Kellerman  if Broner would take on the winner of the upcoming WBO-IBF world lightweight unification match being fought for by title holders Ricky Burns, and Miguel Vasquez..  To which Broner essentially responded by saying “Who are they?”  It was amusing, but it has to be called like it’s seen; a cop out.  This publication fully believes Adrien Broner can defeat any lightweight put forth in front of him in the ring, but he has to prove it first.  No matter whomever the winner may be.  But what Adrien may fail to realize is that he may be shooting himself in the foot with spectators.  Although many who don’t have a bias against the talented Broner would agree that he’d be the favorite against any fighter at lightweight, the fact remains if he doesn’t conquer and unify the championships of the division, it always allows skeptics to play devil’s advocate on Broner’s legacy when it’s all said and done.

At 23 years old, this kid has hall of fame talent written all over him and years to develop.  It’s possible that Broner was hit more than expected because he decided to hunt his prey down rather than being a bit lackadaisical.  In the future though, for Broner’s well being, it may be wise to alter his stalking, come forward style if he is to climb in weight, as he’ll be in against bigger men, who can take bigger punches, and dish out punches with more force.  And if Broner wasn’t fighting to the best of his capabilities early on against Rees it is a characteristic not shared by one of the fighters Broner gets compared to, Floyd Mayweather.  And Roy Jones, who whether it was James Toney or Reggie Johnson, always brought the best out of himself, noted after Broner’s victory that a fighter should always come in at a 100 percent for each and every bout.  If Broner were to fight say, Juan Manuel Marquez in the aggressive style he does now.  He may be liable to be get caught coming in, and Marquez can put your lights out.  Ask Manny Pacquiao.  So it will be interesting to see if Broner adjusts his style if need be in the future.

All fighters have a certain stubbornness to them it’s what gets them to the pinnacles they reach.  So there is where the downfall of Adrien Broner in the future may come.  If he may have to adjust the style he’s so easily dominated with, but succumbs to the arrogance that has made him a world champion.  Fight degenerates want to see Broner in with the sports’ elite.  But it’s good to walk before you run, and first thing is first, he needs to clear out all comers at lightweight before he begins his march towards bigger paydays in higher weight classes.  It’ll be good for his pocketbook too, as the opponents outside of Marquez, as previously mentioned are in the same boat Broner is.  Fighters who many believe will be Pay-Per-View marquee stars, but have yet to have had the accomplishments to be awarded the opportunity.  So while Broner grows his name, so may his potential foes’.  Thus making it a fight much more clamored for in the future than as of right now.  All and all, hats off to Adrien Broner.  Great fighters are suppose to look dominant against opposition they are expected to be superior to.  And Broner did just that.

Adiren Broner (26-0, 22 KOs).  Retained his world championship and unblemished record.  As he continues to climb higher and higher within the sport.

Adiren Broner (26-0, 22 KOs). Retained his world championship and unblemished record. As he continues to climb higher and higher within the sport.


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