Mayweather looks sensational, dominates Guerrero.

Floyd Mayweather recaptured the universally recognized welterweight championship of the world in beating Robert Guerrero.  Mayweather, 36, is now a two time champion in the welterweight division.

Floyd Mayweather recaptured the universally recognized welterweight championship of the world in beating Robert Guerrero. Mayweather, 36, is now a two-time champion in the welterweight division.

This past Saturday night, without question, Floyd Mayweather looked like the best boxer pound for pound fighter on the planet.  Mayweather (44-0, 26 KOs) nearly swept former 3 division world champion Robert Guerrero, 30, through twelve one-sided rounds.  Guerrero (30-2-1, 18 KOs) was in top shape and took Mayweather’s best shots, but he simply was outclassed.  Like so many times in Floyd Mayweather’s career he made a very good fighter look ordinary.

Mayweather, 36, is often cited by critics as not being on the level of some of the welterweight greats of the 1980s.  Well this is not to suggest that Mayweather is superior to them, but he did something that neither Roberto Duran or Tommy Hearns did: Win the welterweight championship twice in his career.  What makes that achievement even more special is that Mayweather is not two-time champion in the division due to a loss and then regaining it in a rematch or later on; But it was because of Mayweather’s decision to retire in late 2007 after defending the welterweight championship in 2007.  The title had been vacant ever since. When Mayweather returned in 2009, he arguably swept the great Juan Manuel Marquez.  Then lost only one round to the WBA world champion at the time, Shane Mosley.  Followed by a fourth round KO of Victor Ortiz to gain the WBC world championship.  Yet the lineal and thus universally recognized world title still was not in Mayweather’s grasp.  Until he faced top welterweight, Robert Guerrero.  With Mayweather’s decisive and dominant victory over “the ghost” Guerrero, he is now recognized as the kingpin of the division and the universally recognized world champion.

Guerrero, attempted throughout much of the fight to try to duplicate what he was effective with in defeating Andre Berto this past November.  Mayweather though, was too smart, quick, and slick to be caught.  Mayweather’s strength was a surprise to Guerrero.  Many times during the bout, Mayweather clinched Guerrero when his back near the ropes and then proceeded to back Guerrero up during the clinch closer to the center of the ring.  At other times, Mayweather would be elusive as can be and would get out of a corner so fast that he looked more like the 26-year-old Floyd Mayweather than the 36-year-old version.  The right hand for Mayweather, whether straight down the middle or curved into a hook-like punch, could not miss.  Indeed, Mayweather’s reflexes and legs looked better than they did last May against Miguel Cotto at 154 pounds.  Mayweather arguably looked at his best since his comeback from retirement in 2007, because of that, he thwarted Guerrero in a more dominant fashion than boxing buffs believed.

This should be far from the end of the line for Robert Guerrero.  He was not KO’d, nor did he suffer too bad of a beating to come back from.  As long as Guerrero’s psyche and confidence are still intact, he will still be a very formidable fighter.  It was too bad for Guerrero that he ran into Mayweather on one the best nights in his career.  For Mayweather, a fight with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is the fight most wanted by casual and die-hard boxing fans alike.  Floyd is the number one fighter in the world right now, but many believe the younger, bigger champion “Canelo” Alvarez may be the one to hand Mayweather the first defeat of his career.  A fight with Manny Pacquiao, though not as big as it could have been before, still makes a lot of sense.  As well as dollars and cents.  No matter who it may be that steps into the ring with Floyd Mayweather, they will justifiably be the underdog.


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