Golovkin-Macklin prediction.

Golovkin, pictured left, looks to remain undefeated against his stiffest test yet, Mathew Macklin.

Golovkin, pictured left, looks to remain undefeated against his stiffest test yet, Mathew Macklin.

Kazakhstan’s Gennady “GGG” Golovkin has become one of the more polarizing contenders in the cyber world of boxing discussions everywhere. Some believe he is the next middleweight champion of the world and a ‘seek and destroy’ phenom. To others Golovkin is an overseas, blown-up, HBO hype job. Then of course, there are those in between, who are not in either pool of thought, but lean towards one of the two sentiments. This publication, leans towards the former; That Golovkin has substance behind his growing hype.

Tonight, Golovkin, (26-0, 23 KOs), defends his WBA middleweight title against the best fighter he has ever fought in his professional career: Mathew Macklin, (29-4-2, 20 KOs). Macklin in 2012 showed why he was, and still is, a top ranked middleweight. On St. Patrick’s Day last year, Macklin fought through a much more competitive than expected battle with the division’s king of the hill, Sergio Martinez. After scoring a flash knock down on Martinez and having a slight lead a little more than halfway through his championship challenging effort, Macklin was then bested and stopped in the 11th by the champion. Macklin then finished out 2012 with another surprisingly impressive performance by knocking out former world champion, Joachim Alcine, in the first round on the undercard of Martinez-Chavez Jr. in Las Vegas.

Golovkin has been steam-rolling opponent after opponent. Foes who are not “bums” and yet are not the type of fighters that can assuredly prove whether or not you can achieve similar success at the championship level of the sport. In Mathew Macklin, Golovkin now has a fighter in front of him who has been tested against the best, and truly believes he can put a halt to the Golovkin express. If Golovkin can knock out Macklin in somewhere near the same dominant fashion he has vanquished his previous tests, then he will have a win that can not be discredited.

Both fighters are 31 years old and look to be at their physical primes. Golovkin and Macklin have shown growth in the past few years as well. Macklin is not as explosive as Golovkin, his hand speed is slightly slower and he, as well as any other fighter at 160 pounds, can punch like Gennandy Golovkin. Macklin will have to out think and out box Golovkin, not out fight him to succeed. And while Macklin does posses good technical skills, he lacks the great reflexes and foot speed to get out of the way of Golovkin’s heavy artillery when need be. Ultimately, that will be the reason Macklin will become another knockout victim of Golovkin’s.

Golovkin will not dominate Macklin quite like he has his previous three foes: Proksa, Rosado, and Ishida. Macklin is more polished and experienced at this level than all three, and unlike the previous three mentioned, Macklin will return fire and land some leather on Golovkin. Some say Golovkin’s defense is sub par. Take a closer look though, Golovkin may not have a lot of crafty defensive moves, but he is fundamentally sound. The improvement of Golovkin’s jab has been very impressive, and it is the reason why he will be able to connect with his thunderous right hands and left hooks. After some good action, with Golovkin getting the better of it because of the difference in punching power, look for him to end Macklin’s game effort inside of twelve rounds.



One response to “Golovkin-Macklin prediction.

  1. I never think that GGG is a blow up or hype. This guy can really punch hard. He has power in both hands, he pressures opponent, to do that you need to have a decent jab and head movement. This guy has it all. He knocks out opponent where casual fans loves to see, This type of fighter will always stand out. Because of that I agree, he will win via knockout under 6 rounds.

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