A day in the Mayweather Boxing Club.

The world's no.1 ranked fighter, pound for pound, Floyd Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs), is preparing to face Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KOs), on May 3rd in Las Vegas.

The world’s no.1 ranked fighter, pound for pound, Floyd Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs), is preparing to face Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KOs), on May 3rd in Las Vegas.

There is always excitement in covering the world’s most gifted fighter, Floyd Mayweather.  While driving down to the Chinatown section of Las Vegas, I was preparing myself to be wowed at Mayeather in training.  It is something I have now witnessed many times before, but Floyd never disappoints.  For most fighters, a media day workout is nowhere near as intense as the actual training the fighters go through in preparation for a championship bout.  Floyd Mayweather is an exception to that rule, he seemingly shows off his trademark hard work and dedication to the press each time before he fights.  One of Marcos Maidana’s gym mates, junior lightweight world champion, Mikey Garcia, tells me while watching Mayweather work out ,”He’s showing you why he’s the best.”

The week before, I was in California to get a look at Mayweather’s opponent on May 3rd, Marcos Maidana.  With virtually nobody giving Maidana a chance to pull off the upset, you would think Maidana is something of a tomato can.  Despite garnering some solid accomplishments in the sport, it did feel as if I was venturing down to the sunshine state to simply view a sacrificial lamb.  What I came away realizing instead was that Mayweather was in with another solid, legitimately dangerous world champion.  Maidana is no joke, and yet, after seeing Floyd prepare in peak form once again, he probably still has a very slim chance of besting Mayweather.  What naysayers fail to realize is, Maidana’s odds have less to do with Maidana and his limitations, and much more to do with Mayweather simply being an all time great at the peak of his powers.

The atmosphere in the Mayweather Boxing Club helps to keep the pound for pound king at his best.  As Mayeather’s young stable grows with experience, with fighters such as J’Leon Love, “The Money Team” seems focused on becoming less of a one man show.  At one point, it seemed as if the young pro’s in the gym were more concerned at times with seeing Mayweather spar and prepare, than their own development.  That has changed, many of the fighters now use Mayweather’s exploits as motivation.  With everybody training with more fire in their eyes, it has created a more competitive atmosphere.  The kind of atmosphere that keeps a fighter sharp and hungry.

The Mayweather Boxing Club always embodied some of the flash that Floyd Mayweather is known for, but now it is gaining the substance of his work ethic.  Every gym has a signature style and tone, each one teaches their fighters to fight a certain way.  The Mayweather Boxing club starts with technical skills and defense.  Floyd Mayweather Sr and Roger Mayweather will tell anybody that listens that it will always be the smarter fighter, above all else, who will be victorious.  Mayweather Sr summed it simply, “The name of the game is hit and miss.”

No matter how cliché certain adages such as “skills pay the bills” and “hard work and dedication” are, the Mayweather Boxing Club lives by them, and Floyd Mayweather embodies and embraces them.  Floyd brings them to life and shows how far that kind of philosophy can get you in Boxing, to the very top.  Those philosophies largely define Floyd Mayweather, and they will always be the first sentiments that spring in my head whenever I think of what it was like to see the world’s pound for pound best fighter go to work.



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