Froch gets vindication, KO’s Groves in the 8th.

Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KOs), successfully defended his IBF-WBA super middleweight world championships Saturday night with a scintillating eighth round knockout over George Groves, (19-2, 15 KOs).

Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KOs), successfully defended his IBF-WBA super middleweight world championships Saturday night with a scintillating eighth round knockout over George Groves, (19-2, 15 KOs).

For the past six months, Carl Froch had to endure the notion that he had received an early christmas present last November.  Froch was facing an undefeated fellow Brit, George Groves.  Groves came into the bout a significant underdog, but he would go onto surprise Froch and everybody else by giving the four-time world champion all he could handle.  After eight action-packed rounds, Groves’ efforts would be prematurely halted by referee Howard John Foster.  The public loved the fight, but was not sure who the better fighter was.  This time around however, Carl Froch would leave behind no doubts.

George Groves came into last Saturday night with a high self belief that he could dismantle Froch with his skill.  Early on, Groves was doing exactly just that, peppering Froch with his left jab.  In the opening rounds, Froch had been looking to dodge Groves’ right hand, the punch Groves had found huge success with in the two’s first bout.  Groves’ right hand though, rarely came in the early rounds as his corner pleaded with him not to let the right hand go early.  At times it seemed as though Froch even surrendered Groves landing the jab as long as he was in position to not get hit with the big right hand that would follow.

While Groves was landing his jab well and piling up some early points on the score cards, he was also expending a lot of energy.  Through four rounds, Froch had failed to land meaningful punches, but he was gradually succeeding in putting pressure on Groves.  Froch was forcing Groves to constantly be on the move, and his poised aggression was making Groves slow down quickly.  In round five, Froch would sway the momentum in his favor and change the fight.  After head hunting for the first four rounds, Froch wisely began to throw punches to the body of the tiring Groves.  Like a true veteran, Froch did not panic after Groves’ strong start, and started making the adjustments necessary to remain champion.

After investing in his body attack in round five, Froch was beginning to sense that Groves was weakening.  In round six, Froch would put his foot on the pedal and force Groves into exchanging punches.  Groves was now landing his right hand at times, but was not able to hurt Froch or keep him off of him.  As Froch continued to mount his attack, Groves fought valiantly and the fans at Wembley Stadium in London rose to their feet to witness the action they had all anticipated.  The fight however, was beginning to look like a man up against a boy, and Groves was the boy in the squared circle.

After duking it out in rounds six and seven, Froch would bring an end to the night with an emphatic exclamation mark.  After two minutes into round eight, Froch would back Groves into the ropes with a left hand, and then perfectly place a thudding right hand on the chin of Groves to end the fight.  Referee Charlie Fitch waved a halt to the bout while Groves wobbled around attempting to return to his feet.  Carl Froch would go onto to say that it was the best punch he ever threw, it indeed was a beautiful shot that will be replayed several times on future KO highlight reels.

What is there not to like about Carl Froch?  Almost every fight of his is a thrilling scrap, he gives it his all, and he squeezes every last ounce of talent out of himself.  Carl Froch will never be a fighter who beats himself, he makes his opponents earn it the hard way. At age 36, he continues to fight the best and challenge himself, because of that he has a plethora of options.  Names such as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. or a rematch with Andre Ward are available and attractive options.  The best fight out there for Froch, however would be a show down with Gennady Golovkin.  Golovkin seemed destined for a bout with Chavez Jr in July, but Chavez instead became the latest name to side step Golovkin.  Carl Froch has never side-stepped anybody, and he would by far be the biggest test of Golovkin’s career.  It would be guaranteed fireworks, but then again almost any fight Carl Froch is in has fireworks.  That is why, regardless of who his next opponent will be, we will all be watching Carl Froch again next time he fights.



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